25 Bento-Box Masterpieces That It Would Be A CRIME To Eat.

25 Bento-Box Masterpieces That It Would Be A CRIME To Eat. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A bento is a home-packed meal in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento is usually composed of rice, some type of protein (fish or meat), and pickled or cooked vegetables inside a box container. Such bentos can be found at various stores in Japan but the special bentos are the ones made and prepared from home. Bentos are usually created in a style called “kyraben” which means “character bento.” This style usually involves the food to look like popular characters from Japanese comic books, video game characters or cartoons. Well although bentos originated from Japan, they are being made from people all around the world. Instead of just mimicking Japanese characters, we see bentos made to look like American cartoons and other fictional characters as well! Check out some of the most creative bentos below.

If you want a more brown-colored bear, you can use soy sauce or teriyaki sauce in substitution of ketchup.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


The super mushroom was made out of quail egg and cherry tomato on top, cheese for its spots, and seaweed for its eyes.

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