25 Cast Reunion Photos Guaranteed To Give You Nostalgic Feelings.

25 Cast Reunion Photos Guaranteed To Give You Nostalgic Feelings. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When a TV series or movie ends, theoretically, time stands still for the characters. We don’t ever find out what happens to them in the future. All we can do is appreciate the time we’ve shared with them and say our final goodbyes. That’s why when such cast members reunite, fans can’t help but to feel some type of way. The cast of Lord of the Rings recently had a dinner together and shared a group photo on Instagram that fans just couldn’t get enough of. Cast reunions have the ability to make us feel old, make us shed a tear, make our hearts skip a beat, and just make us overall emotional. It’s fascinating to see what certain actors and actresses look like after all these years. So here’s a few of our favorite celebrity cast reunions.The original Ghostbusters and the new ones united! This is such an awesome photo, especially since the reboot received so much hate.

Run, Forrest, Run! Lieutenant Dan did a great job choosing the fruit stock.

They made a movie about sisterhood and then gained an actual sisterhood from it. 🙂

A classic movie everyone remembers and loves. Happy to see they’re all so great and happy years later.

An iconic group that will remain in the hearts of many fans. And it looks like age has been treating them all so well.

Married With Children finally got their happily ever after and they look genuinely happy.

It looks like Millhouse finally grew out of the awkward stage.

Life has been too kind to this group. Even with a full set of white hair, Richard Gere looks as handsome as ever.

I think we can all agree here that Neville Longbottom has the biggest transformation… and a very good one at that.

Everyone’s favorite young squad of rascals all grown up. Hopefully they’re not still rascals.

It looks like everyone here aged, except one person. What’s your secret, Jack Black?

These ladies look as fabulous as ever. No other group of girls will do the city like these gals did.

Marty’s mom almost looks younger than Marty now! I guess some girls age better than guys.

Fetch is still not happening, Gretchen! Just let it go already.

Wow, looks like Chandler aged pretty quickly. But seriously, why isn’t he in any of the recent cast reunion photos?

For all fans of this film, there will be a special 30th anniversary screening of The Princess Bride in select theaters!

Probably one of the hottest/attractive grown up transformations ever. And that goes for the both of them.

So what exactly happened to Diane? There’s something about her that looks pretty different.

So how did the alien age after all these years? Or has he shriveled up into a prune by now?

They don’t even look a day older. Some ladies are just so blessed.

Looks like their on set romance blossomed into something more after the show was done.

Legolas has a fork… he only has one fork left to give.

Is it just me or Patrick Stewart does not age?

Can I please get a round of applause for how well Mr. Sheffield and the nanny aged?!

I’m sensing a disturbance in the force… there’s a few people missing. But most importantly, RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll be missed.

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