25 Cats Who Are Really Glad You Finally Put Up The Christmas Tree.

25 Cats Who Are Really Glad You Finally Put Up The Christmas Tree. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The most wonderful time of the year is here! Many of us naturally get excited for the holidays. But what’s better than humans getting excited for Christmas: cats getting excited for Christmas (or more so the Christmas [decorations][1]). Cats are curious creatures and they never fail to remind us that. It’s their curiosity and priceless facial expressions that make us love them so much. Take a look at some cats below reacting to Christmas and Christmas decor. Some of them look so in awe, they’re almost too cute to look at. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/could-have-been/You know your cat is mesmerized when its eyes go this large.

Well of course, how did we not know that. My deepest apologies.

Is that really what your intentions are?

Good thing cats have 9 lives.

When your cat thinks he or she has outsmarted you by pretending to be a statue.

When your cat gets lost in a daze from the Christmas lights.

When one can’t handle something’s beauty.

Don’t mess with a cat that’s on the prowl/hunt.

He probably could get away with hiding in there for awhile.

This cat’s face literally just made my day.

They just never listen, no matter what.

And he looks stubborn enough to stay exactly where he is for the rest of the season.

Thanks cat, didn’t know we needed your approval.

Oh, don’t try to think you can get out of this and no one’s noticing.

At least he admits to his faults.

I don’t think any other tree topper will be as appropriate as this one.

It takes two cats to successfully raid a tree.

The eyes of a cat who has just been caught red handed.

I do have to admit, it makes your fur glisten.

Doesn’t look like a whole lotta inspecting is going on.

Nice save there buddy, but you ain’t fooling anyone.

Cats these days are too curious.

Now that is one determined kitty.

Now this is one lazy Christmas cat.

Not sure what’s so astonishing about this scene.

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