25 Designs That Are So Bad They Should Get An Award.

25 Designs That Are So Bad They Should Get An Award. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

A subreddit called “Crappy Design” shines an embarrassing light on a series of seemingly normal designs that aren’t really all that perfect. From big screw-ups to small ones, these designers proved that nobody’s perfect. In fact, as you scroll down through each of these designs, you’ll be scratching your head and wondering how or even why on Earth anyone was even allowed to come up with them. These designs are so impractical that it’s virtually impossible not to judge. But fair warning, once you see some of the worst design fails ever, you may never recover from the shock and disappointment.Believe it or not; there was no actual homicide committed in this bedroom. The bedspread is rose themed. But as bad as red roses look, we imagine that a brown color would have been even worse.

Otherwise, you’ll have to breathe deeply as you get run through. This photo is so cringeworthy. We dread to think what would have happened if someone had been sitting on it when this occurred.

It doesn’t matter if something is better. Some societies are set in their own way, and it could take centuries to embrace a completely different concept. But logical or not, people are just used to it.

The company that’s trying to sell the bread will soon find out that no one will want to buy your bread. But if you buy it and put it in the work fridge, none of your co-workers will try stealing your lunch again. That’s for sure!

People should start writing in caps. Who knew that writing BLT with cheese in lowercase letters would come off like an insult? Thankfully, the customer wasn’t angry after the manager cleared things up.

This person discovered that there was more trash to throw away than there were toys inside the packaging. It might have been easier to unpack it in the store and give the trash back to the store.

It comes off like it’s asking parents to dump their babies in bins on the beach, which most people would have an issue with unless they’re sociopaths. So this ad agency should hire some new advertising agents.

There’s no way that the designer could have been a woman. She would have never created such a horrible skirt. On the plus side, anyone wearing this at a hospital will get to pass in front of everyone.

The designer should have never put the words “Safety Warning” and “Made in Chile” under it. It suggests that the tires are defective. And honestly, most drivers would worry about driving their car.

After trying and failing to complete it without cheating, they looked for the solution in the back. It turns out that the designer simply went through the line to get to the finish line. How infuriating is that?

Spacing and font style are very important. Otherwise, an innocent word like click can turn into something so offensive that no customer will want to open the door to receive a delivered package.

This is so rude! Where are the plus-sized models? There’s no way that customers can really see what these clothing items would look like on someone like them because they’re using models that are slim.

In this case, the designer has created a humiliating and unintended version of the Kama Poohtra! And the Winnie the Pooh in the bottom looks like it stuck its head in the honey jar out of embarrassment.

The head looks like the love child of the Statue of Liberty or Lisa Simpson. The least they could have done is air-brushed the head with white paint. Even Mary seems ashamed of the child she is holding.

This furniture set is actually made out of crystal, but it looks more like something that came out of a butcher’s freezer or Lady Gaga’s closet. But despite its ugliness, it was probably very expensive.

When there’s a fire, expect this door to fling open so hard that it will come off its hinges. Maybe this wasn’t always a fire door. Someone probably just added the “Fire Exit Only” wording later on.

Imagine trying to go to a website but are denied access and not because it’s a naughty site. It’s because the site is classified as education. Whoever handles IT at this place should consider another line of work.

As bad as it sounds, it’s safe to say that someone will come around eventually to use the bathroom and open the door. But it could have been worse. This person could have been trapped in a sauna.

They didn’t think this design through. But common sense should have told them that when those bins overflow, they’ll fall on the person sitting there or on the benches, making them too nasty to sit on.

Now, this is ironic. We feel bad for the person who reached out to grab their mug and wound up with a broken handle. Now that’s what we call cheap “quali-tea”. Then again, it never said it was good quality.

This will undoubtedly become a very popular bench for all the wrong reasons. With the sprinkler spewing water underneath, it’s going to turn into a public bidet whether people want to or not.

This bench advertisement has a major flaw. Someone put a bookbag that’s blocking the phone number. We’ll bet that the water heater is running to remove the backpack before they go out of business.

He asked for a door to be installed in the men’s changing room so the manager ordered one made of glass. Technically, he did what was asked. Now all they need is a big sticker to cover it up, so no one looks in.

So much for artificial intelligence! But technically, it did what the person asked. It remembered the words “This location.” So, maybe the person should have been a little more specific with the request.

It has undoubtedly messed with a few people’s heads as they tried to step down only to realize they were already on the ground. Was that last line really necessary? Someone could have broken their foot.

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