25 DIY Christmas Gifts In A Mason Jar… #16 Is HUGE Right Now.

25 DIY Christmas Gifts In A Mason Jar… #16 Is HUGE Right Now. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

We’re not sure why or how but mason jars have become very popular within the past couple of years. Just like most fashion trends, it seems mason jars have made a comeback. Many restaurants now use mason jars instead of plain drinking glasses. With that being said, who in this day and age wouldn’t love a mason jar gift? At first, they don’t sound like much but mason jars can actually be the base of some very crafty and useful gifts. If you’re thinking of giving out some handmade DIY gifts this Christmas year, we definitely recommend using a mason jar. Take a look at some of the gift ideas we’ve gathered below for some inspiration.Perfect for your friends who love tea but have never gotten around to getting the actual tea making supplies.

Specifically for men, recreate this gift for the men in your life who love to stay clean.

A good gift to give people who are constantly on their feet.

Know a mommy who’s drained every day from her kids? Maybe it’s a friend or maybe it’s your own mom. Either way, recreate this cute jar for her to help make her days go by a little easier.

Not limited to only Superman and Batman, you could make a bank jar based on any superhero! Great for the comic lovers who have a problem with saving money.

More deliciousness in a jar. A great layered brownie dessert to give to anyone.

Great for the people who actually wake up early enough to cook breakfast.

Or maybe you want a cute mason jar gift for your dad who happens to be the greatest pop in the world. Recreate this gift by filling up a jar with a bunch of “pop” candies.

A clever and unique way of gifting someone a gift card. Instead of just putting it in an envelope, make it the centerpiece of a small mason jar snow globe.

An ideal gift for the artist in your group.

A perfect gift to give kids. Toys are so generic, give them the opportunity to get creative.

Great for people who you know suffer from a long day everyday.

A great gift to give to anyone because hot chocolate warms up everyone on a cold winter day.

A modern form of light to give to friends to decorate their house for the season.

Maybe you have a group of girls you want to spend a weekend get away with. Make these cute “girls kit” jars to help prepare for one. Adding pajamas is a nice touch (a big hint that a slumber party is in the making).

Perfect for the Star Wars fans of yours.

Fill up a jar with 52 compliments of the person you want to give it to. This would be a very good gift for a special someone in your life.

This is a great gift to get people who suffer from cold environments or a broken heater at home.

Something cute to create if you know any fishermen.

A good gift for people who just need to unwind every once in awhile.

Perfect for the crafty sewers in your group.

A cute decorative and festive way of giving out holiday candy.

A delicious treat in a jar to give all the sweet tooths in your group.

Or if you like the traditional flame, make these candle lit mason lanterns.

A great gift for people who love to bake.

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