25 DIY Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Will Make Him Feel Special.

25 DIY Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Will Make Him Feel Special. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Get ready to devote an entire day to your father because Father’s Day is this Sunday! It’s a day dedicated to appreciating how much your dad has done and gifting him for all of his hard efforts. Unfortunately, not all of us keep up with our calendars. Some of you probably forgot that Father’s Day is this weekend. Are you in dire need of a last minute gift? Or maybe you don’t have the funds to go all out on a lavish present? Don’t worry! Surprise your dad with a sentimental handmade gift that he’ll cherish just as much. Check out some of the DIY projects below to help you get started.Does your dad wear glasses? Turn a traditional necktie into a cool eyeglass case for him!

Is your dad a bookworm? Is he always reading a book during his free time? If so, you should gift him with these handmade bookmarks. You can cut out old childhood photos of yourself or your siblings.

Does your dad have a hefty watch collection? If so, you should try putting together this hip stand. He can place his favorite and most worn watches onto it. It’ll look great on his bedside table!

Get some fabric together to sew this handy sofa caddy that’ll be a great addition to any man cave or living room. Finally, a place for all the remote controls!

Every grown man has a pair of cufflinks for those special occasions. Transform a tin into a carrier for your dad’s cufflinks.

Is your dad a sucker for old music and vinyl records? If so, he’ll definitely appreciate this DIY gift. Transform some scratched up records into these unique bowls.

Is your dad the forgetful type? Does he lose his keys more often than he should? Make a convenient key ring made out of parachute cord for his belt loop! Now he’ll never lose his keys again.

Although he may not know it, your dad needs a good collection of coasters to keep mom from yelling at him for making water stains on the table. You can use some precious photos of your dad to make each coaster!

Transform some old vintage postcards into a cool little wallet or business card holder for your dad! Simply fold the postcard in half and cut a half-moon from the top front. Before stitching all around the postcard, you’ll need to cover it with a sheet of clear vinyl.

Does your dad need a hip spot to rest his cold beer while he’s watching tv? Make some cool coasters out of mason jar lids! Just attach an adhesive cork shelf liner into the lid.

Take an old book and transform it into a cool storing place for the tv’s remote! You’ll need a book that’s at least two inches longer and 1/4 inch deeper than the remote control.

Do you happen to eat a lot of Pringles? After you finish them, repurpose the tins into these nifty pen organizers for your dad. Just wrap the tubes with woodgrain contact paper and you’re good to go!

Does your dad enjoy drinking a lot of beer? If so, steal a few of his empty beer bottles and transform them into these cool beer glasses.

Got some secondhand books that you don’t plan on reading any time in the future? Transform them into storage boxes so your dad can keep his desk organized!

Let your dad know how honored you are to have a dad like him by rewarding him with this DIY trophy. He’ll definitely appreciate it for the rest of his years.

Does your dad travel a lot? Make him these custom leather tags for his luggage! He’ll never have to fill out a luggage tag again and this will definitely add style to his suitcase!

Does your dad dress up for work every day? If so, gift him with this handmade tie clip! You can make it out of leather and then customize it with a stamp afterwards.

Create an emergency kit for your dad’s car! You can use a vintage basket and fill it with jumper cables, road flares, a first aid kit and other car essentials.

Gift your dad with a luxurious whipped shaving cream that’ll leave him with way greater skin than whatever shaving cream he already has. All you need is shea butter, olive oiil, coconut oil and eucalyptus essential oils.

Does your dad like to barbecue a lot? If he does, make him an apron out of a flour sack towel and black trim. It’s an apron that he can wear without feeling feminine too!

The next time you see dad trying to throw away an old button-up shirt, take it from him for this pillow project. You can transform it into a cute pillow case!

Help your dad stay organized with his portable electronics by recreating this cord keeper for him out of a shoebox. This way, his wires will never get entangled again!

Every man will appreciate a bottle opener of some sort. Make your dad this sophisticated one that’ll automatically be used in the house. It’ll go great in either a man cave or outside next to the grill.

If your dad’s the type that needs to shave every morning, gift him with this handmade shaving oil. All you need to do is mix a few ingredients together and it’ll leave his face super smooth.

Fill up a mason jar with your dad’s favorite activities. Throughout the year, let him open it up and choose one for the whole family to enjoy together.

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