25 DIY Glass Bowl Projects You Have To Try.

25 DIY Glass Bowl Projects You Have To Try. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Do you have any empty glass bowls hanging around your house? Or do you ever see those big empty glass bowls at a store and stop to wonder what you can do with those bowls or what their real purpose is? They actually can be used to fulfill multiple purposes. One of our favorites is to serve as decoration. With the right added elements, that glass bowl can instantly turn into a beautiful centerpiece or majestic terrarium. You can add anything from flowers to moss to sand to plastic miniature toys. Check out some of the DIY projects below to get your creative juices flowing.Don’t throw away that old french press or tea kettle! Instead keep it and transform it into a unique terrarium by layering rocks, dirt, and greenery inside it.

Very similar to building a ship in a bottle, but with plants! It’s definitely not as difficult. All you need to do is drop your air plant into a small jar.

A terrarium with mini dinosaurs? This is genius. Turn your terrarium into a miniature Jurassic Park with these plastic figurines.

Flowers are so beautiful, they look great in practically anything you put them in! Especially if it’s on display like in these glass bowls.

Even something as simple as two flamingos will look fabulous in this little manmade world. Add airplants into the background for extra flair.

Make beach themed candle holders by adding sand and seashells to it! Best part about these items is that you can get them for free at the beach!

If you have a bunch of miniature toys laying around, use some of them for your terrarium. Look at what big difference this little car made.

Bioattic terrariums are typically beautiful mini landscapes. With so much nature within a confined space, the terrarium would instantly add life to any room!

Transform any terrarium into a Star Wars scene with the right plastic figurines. For example, this Ewok is the perfect addition to this mini forest!

Blend a terrarium with a lamp and you’ll end up with a bright masterpiece. And you’ll realize after you’re done, that making it was well worth it.

This one’s mostly sand with a few air plants. But the sand is in various layers of multiple colors! It’s a fun project that anyone could do.

Light bulbs are also a very unique base that can be used. These ones will add sunshine to your most cramped spaces.

This is a great piece for kids who love story time. Add figurines of forest creatures and lots of moss!

Turn an entire side table into a terrarium! All it takes is six sheets of plexiglass and a wooden base. Imagine how great this would look in a living room.

Give your terrarium some added scenery by incorporating a mini waterfall, pond, or river. It’s that little feature that brings the terrarium to life.

If you’re a big fan of Lord of the Rings, then you’ll love this hobbit themed terrarium! It really looks like there’s a hobbit living inside of there.

These empty glass bowls are also great to turn into glowing centerpieces. All you need are a few pretty stones and a candle to go into the middle of it all.

It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? If you’ve got some big margarita glasses hanging around that you don’t use, fill them with succulents of your choice!

Candy jars can be used for more than just candy. It’s the perfect base for another terrarium! Add costume jewelry or pearls for a sweet dresser look.

These succulents would be perfect for any nautical-themed party. Combine these costal succulents with some beach sand and tiny seashells.

Hand your terrarium from a ceiling for this cute look. It also helps if the terrarium has a monotone arrangement all with the same palette. It just flows better!

Have you always wanted a tree house but never could get one? Now you can create your own mini one. You won’t get to hang out in it, but it’ll look just as cool.

Water garden terrariums are great for tabletop displays! And they’ll last longer than you think with the proper love and care.

To recreate this woodsy look, mix lots of moss with delicate ferns along with a big statement piece. The statement piece could be a skull or even driftwood.

Use your herbs and spices to create this cute little piece. Add some dirt, sand, and pebbles and you’ll be done in no time.

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