25 DIY Projects That’ll Keep You Busy (And Happy) All Summer.

25 DIY Projects That’ll Keep You Busy (And Happy) All Summer. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

July 4th is just around the corner, and that means (like it or not) summer is in full effect. Sure, you might already be complaining about the heat and the fact that you can’t have a margarita in your hands 24/7, but try to remember that as soon as summer comes to a close, you’re going to miss the hell out of it. So while it’s here, why not make the most out of these warm months? To improve your summer game immensely, we recommend going full DIY on your summer activities, decorations, snacks, drinks, and vibes. These summer-inspired DIY projects satisfy all of those categories, and they’re some of the cutest we’ve seen to date. Whether it’s a spruced up mason jar cocktail, a set of twinkle lights, or the most epic slip-and-slide ever created, these are the things summer is made of. Put on your bathing suit, get outside, and start DIY scheming as soon as possible.Let’s face it: No one else on the beach is going to have a shelter that looks as good as this. Luckily, all it takes are some sticks, a nice sheet, and some comfortable pillows. Voila: Beach bliss on a budget.

Think of this as the perfect house for the bird who likes clean lines and open spaces — if this bird were a human, he’d be an architect. Plus, this will look better in your yard than any of those plastic store bought feeders.

Why serve cocktails in regular old mason jars when you can take it up a notch? You can make paper flowers to decorate each drink, or poke holes in some cute artificial flowers you found at the store. Either way, your backyard barbecue gets super fancy, fast.

Window screens are made out of mesh, and as it turns out, that material is also perfect for beach bags. Just make sure to follow the tutorial to get rid of any rough edges, or you might end up scratching or cutting yourself.

With it’s delicate layers and bees made of pom-poms, this pinata is truly on a whole different level. In fact, you might even be inspired NOT to destroy it with a baseball bat at the party — it just looks too good to destroy.

Let’s face it: Sitting directly on the grass is for the birds. Instead, improve your outdoor comfort levels by creating something like this, a stiff cushion that actually assists you in sitting up and reading.

Hipsters had it figured out before the rest of us did: There’s simply nothing that a tinted mason jar, a tea light, and a little bit of ingenuity can’t do.

Move over, kids: This slip-and-slide is for the adults. It’s pretty simple to make, and will result in hours of drunken entertainment at your next backyard party. And if the kids are nice, maybe you can even let them use it.

Did you go to turn on your hose only to discover it’s got a hole in it? Never fear: You can turn your garden hose into the perfect rug for your outdoor spaces or mud room.

Your outdoor space might have an excellent view, but every porch and patio could use a little face life. Follow this tutorial to find out the easiest possible way to do it.

Speaking of decorations, it’s simple to make these flower fairy lights, and will take any of your outdoor or indoor/outdoor spaces to the next level. Bonus: Once summer is over, they look great on your mantle as well.

Try as we might to use sunscreen, sometimes, we can’t help but feel the burn. When that happens, these frozen cubes of aloe will be your savior — simply rub them all over your body for the ultimate cool-down.

All it takes is a cute, DIY insulated cozy to maintain ultimate freshness of your summer snacks. Use these for picnics when you need a way to keep your fruit and your cocktails safe from the summer sun.

Nothing says summer like things made out of paper, hanging on the walls. These awesome decorations couldn’t be simpler to make, and they pack a whole lot of punch at parties.

Salt sprays work wonders for texturizing your hair, but the off-the-shelf versions can be pretty expensive. Instead, whip up your own DIY concoction for glorious summer waves.

The perfect size, a cute shape, and the ability to totally customize your popsicle experience. Seriously, what could be better than that?

This is one of the coolest DIY projects we’ve ever seen, and all it takes is some PVC piping, some sponges, and a hose. Once you make it for the little ones, you might find yourself considering the possibility of creating an adult version.

If you’ve got some basic sewing skills, you can turn a towel into a beach bag WITH a built-in pillow inside. It’s basically everything you need for beach comfort, all rolled into one.

All it takes are a few sewn-in pockets to keep all of your beach valuables out of the sand. Plus, this helps keep sand off of the towel in general — and sand on a towel is basically the most annoying thing ever.

There’s nothing that can kill a summer vibe like having to hoist your body out of the pool to go grab another beer. This epic floating beer chest totally solves that problem.

That’s right: A plastic jug creates a floating, waterproof speaker that you absolutely must keep in your pool, all summer long. Why didn’t someone think of this one sooner?

How cute are these homemade bubbles, which come in an adorable glass jar alongside homemade wands? These would be perfect for a summer wedding send-off, or just for your own personal use when you’re hanging out in the backyard.

For those moms who love to be adorable, this DIY sandcastle kit has everything you need to create the sandy palace of your kid’s wildest dreams. Bonus: There’s even some cute flags to stick into the towers once it’s finished.

This is the simplest thing ever, created from a length of PVC pipe and a hose. Once it’s done, you’ve got the most epic water gun on the block — just make sure someone doesn’t grab it and turn your own creation into your worst enemy.

Because let’s face it: The only thing better than a pool noodle is a pool noodle that you can hold and pretend to be Luke Skywalker. Noodle battles will never be the same.

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