25 Dog Tattoos To Celebrate Your REAL Best Friend.

25 Dog Tattoos To Celebrate Your REAL Best Friend. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

***Dog is man’s best friend.*** If you love the idea of dogs, you may think you agree with this. If you love and own a dog of your own, you KNOW you agree with this. From the day we greet them into our family and household, we start to build a special bond. There’s a certain type of fulfillment you get from having a dog — it’s different from having a best friend or even a significant other. They keep you company on your loneliest of days. They love you undeniably on your worst of days. They’re by your side to the end. They become an important chapter in your life and just like anything that’s worth any significance in your life, they deserve tattoos dedicated to them. It could be their paw print, a portrait of them, or even the date you got them. Check out some of the dog lover tattoos below for some inspiration.

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