25 Job Disasters That Are So Bad They’re Actually Funny.

25 Job Disasters That Are So Bad They’re Actually Funny. August 30, 2019

We all do things that we’re proud of. Whether it’s a promotion at work, or an amazing work of art that you completed, we want to tell people about it. Sometimes, the complete opposite happens. Your intentions are spot on, but the finished product doesn’t exactly turn out the way you had hoped. When this happens, the best thing to do is to just laugh it off. Turn your frown of failure into a crown of giggles. The internet makes it a lot easier to laugh at ourselves. Take a look at these people who have failed in the funniest of ways.The ad looks like it could’ve been great, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Hopefully, next time they spend more time lining it up correctly.

Maybe that’s their way of saying that your complaint is unwanted. I hope not, or that bathroom is probably pretty messy.

I honestly have no idea what’s going on here. All I know is that this sign is really confusing.

But, in this dimension we only have seven days in a week. I really could use that extra time, though.

On second thought, where is that water coming from? Hopefully that doesn’t happen when someone flushes the toilet.

They did exactly what they wanted and didn’t care how it turned out. For future reference, don’t suit yourself if this is what it’s going to look like.

I truly hope this isn’t true. Eating people is entirely inappropriate.

Is that their way of making the bathroom up to code? They’ve definitely failed and aren’t fooling anyone.

It seems like the sign is mocking this car. I’m sure that wasn’t their intention when they put it there.

The decorator certainly wrote what they said word for word. At least it makes for a funny story.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious to me, but sometimes people just don’t get it. Unless, it’s a really strange restaurant name.

Looks like no one is playing basketball here. Well, at least there’s pretty flowers.

It looks more like a cookie, than spaghetti. I’m sure it’s a delicious cookie, though.

And it absolutely failed at it. City planning did a horrible job with this one.

They could be inviting an entirely different clientele than had hoped for. They definitely should’ve paid more attention to kerning.

Unless they did it on purpose. In which case, I think they need to hire someone new.

It kind of defeats the purpose of the sign. Now, bicyclists have to fear signs, as well, apparently.

The box makes it look way more cleaner and a lot less clumpy. I’m sure the chocolates still good, just not as pretty.

I’m not sure how they got this so confused. It doesn’t seem too complicated, but who am I to judge?

Their quality definitely appears to have cut some corners. That’s okay, though, we get the point.

Otherwise, you could get the wrong message. I don’t think they intended to tell people to give up on their dreams, but you honestly never know.

That’s considered cannibalism and highly frowned upon. I’m also sure Jessica would be pretty upset.

This job was NOT well done. The fortune is definitely supposed to be on the inside.

I’m not really sure if this is user error or product error. Regardless, it looks like they’re eating an alien for breakfast.