25 First-Date Horror Stories That Are So Bad You’ll Feel Awful For Laughing.

25 First-Date Horror Stories That Are So Bad You’ll Feel Awful For Laughing. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Going on the first date with someone is usually a hit or miss. Whether it’s a date with someone you’re well acquainted with or a complete stranger, a first date disaster is always possible. First dates can be scary. Spending one-on-one time with someone for the first time can be intimidating. You don’t know if the two of you will be able to keep the conversation naturally flowing.

You don’t know if there will be awkward silences and moments all throughout the date. Deciding to go on a first date with someone is always a risk of having a terrible night. However, some people quite simply are just horrible at dating. You’ll understand more of what I’m talking about after reading some of the tweets below of the worst first dates ever. ->**Pro Tip: Don’t ever tell a woman that losing any amount of weight would improve her appearance.**<-.

@jimmyfallon While at dinner, date looks at me and says “If you just lose 10lbs, you would be a ten.” I asked for dessert.

#worstfirstdate — M for Magnetic. (@MariangelicaA) May 5, 2016.

->**You’re moving a little too fast there honey.

Maybe get through actual dinner first before invading a man’s privacy?**<-.

Met a girl online & had her over for dinner. Heard ripping behind me while cooking.

She was opening my mail. #WorstFirstDate @jimmyfallon — Brian Walters (@WallysVoice) July 19, 2016.

->**Sounds like a very simple and straight-forward man who gets right to the point.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the best route to go on the first date.**<-.

He showed up an hour late, drove thru McDonalds (“You want anything?”) then parked at a zoo & said “I’ve got a condom.” #worstfirstdate — Traci (@MyArmyLife) June 9, 2016

->**Remembering names can be difficult sometimes.

This is definitely one solution.**<-.

I once took a girl to Starbucks because I forgot her name #AwkwardDate — benny (@noodlez56) January 7, 2015

->**Sometimes when you have no other escape, you can always count on the waiter.**<-

Date was so bad I gave the waiter 20 bucks to spill my drink on me to get me out of there.#worstfirstdate — Jennifer Mumme (@MummeWummie) April 26, 2016

->**Maybe he’s a feminist and believe in men and women being equal.

But then again, is there such a thing as a male feminist?**<-.

He had a $35 steak and several drinks. I had a $8 salad and water.

He demanded I split the check 50/50. #WorstFirstDate — K. (@kittykaresless) July 27, 2016.

->**Yeah because telling a woman everything that’s wrong with her will score you a second date.**<-

@FirstDateHell he said: ‘from your photo I thought you were too good for me, I’m glad to see that you’ve got flaws’.

Then he listed them. — Lucy Lappin (@Knitlucy) July 3, 2012.

->**Way to be discreet.

The least she could have done was waited until after the date. At that point, it wouldn’t matter if he was sitting in front of her or not.**<-.

My date was complaining about me on Facebook while at the table.

I found out because she accidentally tagged me in the post. #WorstFirstDate — Ed Hill (@kingedhill) January 7, 2016.

->**When everything feels so right and then suddenly feels so wrong in just one second.**<-

#WorstFirstDate @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight Sitting on the floor. Kissing.

Talking about life and family. Turns out. We are cousins. — Kenneth Wilson (@writtenbyken) January 6, 2016.

->**At least you saved yourself from developing feelings for a girl who clearly has a lot of baggage.**<-

In the middle of the date she called her ex and decided to get back together with him.

#WorstFirstDate — Ring By Spring (@ringbyspringlu) January 6, 2016.

->**He was obviously trying to show off.

He’s an idiot for not realizing the homes of all his ex-girlfriends will never impress a woman.**<-.

#WorstFirstDate he talked about himself all through dinner, then drove me around to show me where all his ex gfs lived.

#truestory — Kimberley Clark (@Vegan_chick_MI) July 28, 2016.

->**You can’t blame the girl for doing her research prior to the date.

It’s all a part of the process!**<-.

*on a first date* Ok don’t let him know I stalked him online Him: my aunt- Me: Theresa or Sharon — Luara (@micromush) January 5, 2016

->**At least you know he can be brutally honest.

Nonetheless, maybe he can learn how to be a little more subtle next time.**<-.

On our first date he bought me a box of brown hair dye as a Christmas gift because he didn’t like my hair colour.

#worstfirstdate — Emily Kristensen (@KristensenEmily) June 12, 2016.

->**This guy sure knows how to save money.

But what’s more important: saving money or being sanitary?**<-.

@jimmyfallon // He took me to a movie, pulled a used large popcorn bag out of the trash can & went for “his free refill.” #worstfirstdate — Sara Gilmore (@sarakgilmore) June 15, 2016

->**A dine and dash on the first date.

This man wasn’t looking for a woman to start a relationship with, he was looking for a free meal!**<-.

I went to a fancy place.

He ordered, & ate,the most expensive food on the menu.He went to wash his hands and never returned. #worstfirstdate — Michelle (@mc_arthur123) July 27, 2016.

->**Well that’s one way of coming out the closet.

Or who knows, maybe he does this to all of his female dates.**<-.

@FirstDateHell He took me (a female) to a gay club, got drunk, came out of the closet, met a guy and gave me $40 to catch a taxi home #truth — Ruth Leslie (@MatchmakerMary) July 11, 2012

->**When you want to get your date a gift but can’t afford one at the moment.

Sometimes you just have to get creative.**<-.

— A guy once took me to a garbage dump and told me to pick out whatever I wanted.

#WorstFirstDate — Katie Lauren (@KatieLauren18) July 16, 2016.

->**People REALLY shouldn’t date until after they’re completely over their last relationship.

Rushing into a new romance is never a good idea.**<-.

@FirstDateHell he took me to see a film with his ex in it, cried all the way through and kept asking me if I didn’t agree she was beautiful. — Sura Dohnke (@Suradohnke) May 6, 2012

->**I wonder how she caught on.

Perhaps it was after she realized her date refused to leave a specific area.**<-.

#WorstFirstDate I thought he was into fitness because he had on an ankle weight.

He was actually on parole and it was an ankle monitor. — Linda Childers (@LindaChilders1) July 28, 2016.

->**Revealing too much emotion on the first date is pretty bad but friend-zoning the person as a cover up is way worse.**<-

We were driving to dinner and he made me laugh so hard I said “I love you” and then followed it up with “like, as a brother” #WorstFirstDate — Haley Minter (@haleyminterr) January 6, 2016

->**Sounds like this guy’s got ADHD.

He obviously gets distracted way too easily and women should be weary of him.**<-.

Dude took me to a haunted house. I fell & he left me because he we scared.

When I found him he was asking someone else out. #worstfirstdate — John Higgins (@JohnHiggsMusic) June 29, 2016.

->**What could you possibly say about sheep for three entire hours?

How is that even remotely possible?**<-.

#worstfirstdate guy talked about sheep for 3 hours then said *I* was boring.

Really? — Michelle McMiken (@Fic_or_Die) July 10, 2016.

->**Well, that definitely escalated quickly.

Most people don’t meet the parents until the fifth or tenth date or never.**<-.

During dinner, his mom walked up and introduced herself.

She had been waiting in the car and came in to use the restroom. #worstfirstdate — Jessica Windberg (@JessicaBlu) June 10, 2016.

->**At least she was thoughtful.

She thought of all the possibly negative outcomes and she came prepared.**<-.

She brought a plastic baggy to puke in because she gets nervous on first dates..

and she used it #WorstFirstDate @jimmyfallon — Darin King (@futilitypatent) January 6, 2016.

->**The power of Christ compels you.

The power of Christ compels you!**<-.

I had a guy splash me with Holy water because I was “too good to be true” #WorstFirstDate — リジー (@UGottaLoveLiz) May 4, 2016

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