25 Food Photos That Give Us Trust Issues.

25 Food Photos That Give Us Trust Issues. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Many people in this day and age have trust issues. And at this point, you can’t really blame them. We are surrounded by deception and lies every day. You would think the one thing we can rely on would be food, right? Wrong. Nowadays, you can’t even trust half the food out there! As you can see from the photos below, our world is filled with food lies! What we see is indeed NOT what we get. Food can easily betray and disappoint us just as much as the Internet or a untrustworthy friend. It’s so hard to know who or what to believe these days.But more importantly, I’m particularly worried about the other 73%.

This only further proves that looks can be deceiving! Never judge a book by its cover.

I wonder how many of these people have eaten and never noticed who (or what) was under that wrapper.

But I’m more amazed that somebody actually took the time to separate the raisins!

My whole childhood is a lie. So should we call him Commander Crunch?

Berry loaf? More like Berry’s loaf. I hope that loaf is priced the same as any other ordinary loaf of bread.

This is such a brilliant idea, why didn’t McDonald’s ever think of that!

This one looks like the horror film version. Someone cue the eerie haunting music.

Something tells me you’ll be able to finish these shrimp without a problem.

You’ve managed to make ice cream the one thing it should never be: disappointing.

C’mon Australia, you can do so much better than this. Your citizens deserve better.

They’re surrounding us each waking moment every passing day.

You can just think of it as tomato soup with a bonus! Think positive.

Not sure how even the ratio is here. I’m pretty sure cranberry chocolate is supposed to have more than six little cranberries.

Sadly, life continues to be nothing but disappointing and full of failures.

A product from Canada produced by a company from America? How is this possible?

Now we know, to never attempt to open it by “pushing here.”

Such a detail is very important in today’s generation!

If you don’t count the missing eyes, nose, and overall shape of the panda?

Now you’re not even trying to give a believable lie!

The large looks like it contains the same amount of fries as the medium.

And there goes the “healthy” in “healthy chocolate.” But c’mon, is chocolate syrup ever really healthy?

This is just shameful and devastatingly tragic.

Can someone explain how something that’s 10% bigger is still the same size?

But look at the bright side, at least you got more than your money’s worth!

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