25 Funny Cat Derps To Remind You That Cats Aren’t Always Classy.

25 Funny Cat Derps To Remind You That Cats Aren’t Always Classy. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A derp face is a facial expression you might catch on a person during an unattractive moment. The emotion the person is feeling during the derp could be anything from confused to angry to excited to hungry. A specific emotion is not what initiates the derp face, it’s simply someone taking a photo at just the right moment (or bad moment if you’re the one in the photo). But derps don’t just happen on human beings. They happen on animals too! Since a derp is created by someone taking a photo at just the right moment, literally any living being can have a derp face. And which animals will we be looking at today? Of course the Internet’s favorite animal: cats! They’re loving, cuddly, and grumpy all at the same time, which means they’re really expressive of their emotions. They’re expressive alright, especially in the following photos below.Whatever floats your boat.

“Up close and personal looks good” they said.

And they can’t seem to get the message to leave you alone.

Nothing’s more terrifying than those first 5 seconds of realizing your phone is missing.

Looks like Ody doesn’t understand personal space.

“How much do I have to pay you in order to keep you doing this forever?”

If this is not the greatest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

He’s practically floating in.

“You’ve caught me, now can you get me out?”

Someone call the firefighters! This cat’s stuck!

And you’re just left petrified for the rest of the night.

“Ummm… so who said you could come over?”

But he looks so guilty while he’s doing it.

“Helloooooo, I’m more important!”

Ok maybe this one might actually need a diet.

Or maybe not, fat cats are pretty cute.

“Time to bother my human in the kitchen, my favorite time of the day.”

The most epic eye roll ever.

“Ok we get it, I’m cute. Can I sleep in peace?!”

“Excuse me, I can’t breathe down here.”

“Well that’s kind of rude isn’t it?”

“I’m just testing how flexible I am.”

So fabulous that you even look good when you’re derping.

And you finally relinquish all your evil out.

And then they start to massage you with their hand and suddenly attack mode is off.

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