25 Gordon Ramsay Putdowns That Are Deliciously Funny.

25 Gordon Ramsay Putdowns That Are Deliciously Funny. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Gordon Ramsay is a world renowned chef. Not only does he have several restaurants around the world, he’s the host of several different onscreen cooking competitions. And if you watch his cooking competitions, you know that he doesn’t beat around the bush and can be very… well, blunt. With that said, amateur chefs have decided to tweet their dishes to the celebrity chef, asking for opinions. And surely enough, Ramsay did not disappoint with his roasting replies. It takes a lot of courage to show your dish to a chef like Ramsay, but we thank every amateur chef that did because the outcome has been hilarious.I mean how does a person allow a steak to get that burnt?!

Don’t call yourself basic and be surprised to being called basic.

This… this doesn’t even look like eggs at first glance.

Until you take a look at the rice.

I guess he was too excited in the process of making his eggs.

Seriously now, how can you be so reckless?

I mean she didn’t even try to cover the whole thing with frosting?

One time was solid and the other time was wet…

But then again, maybe that’s what a Scottish breakfast is supposed to be?

Well nothing gets past this guy’s keen eye!

Gordon lays it all out and says it like it really is.

And the school provides no other choice but this?

He doesn’t have anything bad to say because he doesn’t know what it is, Sam.

That is the most done a piece of steak could possibly be without being burnt.

It just needs an eye of newt and toe of frog.

He turned the chicken into toast! Or should I say the grandmother is the magician?

Put in more effort when you’re presenting something to Gordon, please!

But Gordon Ramsay actually said something good to someone on Twitter!

Maybe leave the pizza making to the actual pizza companies.

Just look at the tire tracks on the thing! What else could it possibly be?

But they’re both so bad that you opt out for none of the above.

Especially when you’re trying to serve worms as an entree!

But then Gordon points out how non-fuctional your decorating was.

And then you read Gordon’s response and immediately change your perception.

And then you wonder what the hell rice is doing inside a taco?

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