25 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Who Destroyed Your Stuff… #15 Is Just Too Funny.

25 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Who Destroyed Your Stuff… #15 Is Just Too Funny. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There is a lot of good that comes with having a pet. They can add a lot of love and joy to our lives, and when coming home from a long workday, it’s always nice to have a furry, fishy, or feathery creature there waiting for you – unless, of course, you have a cat. Cats don’t care if you’re around or not. Sometimes, though, pet ownership gets a little bit more harrowing. While we all love our pets, the fact of the matter is that they have it within their power to ruin everything. Suddenly, the conversation because less about their awesomeness, and more “why can’t we have nice things?””Sherman is a foster kitten that LOVES people food! He climbed up on the counter to knock off a casserole dish of leftover meatballs. Bad boy, Sherman! ” – Anonymous

“Oodie the Alexandrine parakeet. He’s about 8mths old here…the forbidden stuff is always the crunchiest….they never tire of it, I’m looking forward to decades of ruined stuff.” – Oodie’s Dad

“Our new rescue decided it would be fun to dig up a plant in our dining room. It didn’t seem to bother the cat much as she simply settled in on top of the mound of soil. The mess was cleaned up and then an hour later my son came to tell me that Daisy dug up a plant. Yup–she dug it up again within an hour of the first incident.” – Susan

“I was sitting on my bed watching tv and our Shorkie Duke jumped up to join me. I noticed his face was blue and couldn’t figure out what happened. Until I walked into the kitchen…..he had been chewing on a blue gel ink pen. There were little blue paw prints all over the floor! Our boxer Daisy was crouched in the corner looking at me like “I was NOT involved.”. Luckily, it came right up and he’s too cute to give away.” – Cheri

“The cat door was destroyed by a rescue bulldog …. Yaya thought that meant she had an ongoing open hole for entry and exit. My husband put in the new door, leaving a few screws loose for fitment purposes… Yaya decided that this catdoor was just NOT going to deter her ingress/egress. She’s gotta contract, dammit!” – Heather

“Seamus is about 5 months old and we really don’t know what breed he is, but at 43 pounds we know it’s BIG. This is one of the OLD patio furniture cushions that we decided to put down as outdoor doggie beds when we replaced them. Clearly this was not a good move. Fortunately the actual patio furniture is covered when not in use, as demonstrated by Seamus and Darby in the third photo. Seamus has only destroyed books and magazines inside, he leaves the indoor beds alone.” – Melissa

“My husband and our 1 year old English Bulldog, Bubby took a nap together one day and Bubby woke up first and was evidently a little bored!”-Kerry

“My 3-month old kitten pulled this earring straight out of my ear and ate it. He threw it up just before having emergency surgery. I didn’t really want it anymore.” – Julie

“The cats couldn’t see both in and out through the mini blinds. So they found a solution. This is both the front and the back windows of the house. So not only can the cats can look out, the neighbors can look in. So we can no longer hide from our crazy lady neighbor she can peek through the cat made hole.” – Ashley & Micheal

“My rescued boxer Mario is also widely known as the Puppy of Mass Destruction. No toy, shoe, package, loaf of bread, bag, bit of laundry or plant within his range is safe. What’s an owner to do other than laugh, snap some photos and share? This is one of his better efforts. He was eight months old at the time. This was a large pot full of pretty succulents before he tore it to pieces and spread the dirt all over my kitchen floor. Note how proudly he claims his mess.” – Gayle

“Our English Bulldog Jackson did not get his way when some friends of ours came over a couple weeks ago. He promptly went up stairs and decided my brand new office chair was now his. So he added some personal touches of his own to make it more comfortable. We should have known better, this is the 3rd chair he has munched on!” – Mat

“My Dachshund, Natalie, looks rather proud of the hole she made that allowed her to crawl inside the sofa from underneath. You could feel her moving around while you were sitting!” – Meredith

“Ziggy has good taste in books. When we came home, his tongue was grey with ink. I wonder where he gets the urge to destroy from…? Oh yeah, his brother! Once, his brother Baxter ate a highlighter and destroyed a roll of toilet paper.” – Tabby

Hi – love your web site! Last summer, UPS delivered a book to me via Amazon while I was grocery shopping. My siberian husky was outside and had a bit of fun! sigh. Thankfully I read e-books these days . . .” – Dana

“My futon was the piece of furniture that I loved most. Some months ago I travelled to California for a business education (I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil). My mongrel (adopted from the streets) got stressed and wanted me back right away. To show her feelings, she decided to blackmail me using my futon. So long my loved futon.” – Marco

“I was sorting my pills and left for a few minutes to get something I had forgotten, and came back to this. My kitten Scout scattered two containers onto the floor, and half of the pills ended up in her litterbox, which was close by.” – Ron

“It may look like a child’s scribblings, but I think it’s pretty damn good for a dog.” – Susan

“Four hours alone and we came home to this…” – Breanne

“Our ten month old Bearded Collie is not a fan of Topher Grace I suppose..” – Mary Jane

“Amilia, my one year old wiemaraner, has caused at least $2500 dollars of damage since I got her at 8 weeks old. she’s ripped up carpeting, linolium, chewed molding, and torn holes through drywall. I’m on my ninth remote control, third comforter, secound couch, and can’t keep a pair of sunglasses for longer than a week. Not to mention at least three trips to the vet to check for bowel obstructions. She can open crates and jump baby gates, there is no stopping her. This was done while i was in the shower. The damage has slowed down some as she’s gotten older, mostly paper towel rolls amd mail left in her reach.” – Jamie

“Lainey wasn’t too happy about wearing the lampshade after she got fixed, and that couch paid the ultimate price.” – Allan Shifman

“I used to leave SofieGirl in my friend’s apt restroom when we were out. Last time we were gone less than two hours and we came home to find this. After the $140 replacement door, we no longer confine her. I do think though that we should rename her to something including the word termite.” – Bea

“Our little Peke-Pom “Mogwai” must have ran/played a little to hard in the yard. She came in and perched on her favorite couch cushion looking out the window, when…….I heard a Peke-Pukey?!?! How can you be mad at that face. Fortunately this was pre-dinner and it didn’t hit the curtains or couch.” – Sarah Lewis

“$300 retainer, $90 computer chord, $400 kitchen table, wood work, countless bras and underwear, a baby gate, my white carpets (never from accidents- throwing up what she ate), my blackberry phone (oh you can reach the counter now!?), numerous pairs of shoes, two $30 lamps, one $40 heating pad, two of my favorite cds… and still counting.” -Jo

“We have now since learned to keep the dog away from the post when we’re not in the house….” – Meg

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