25 Images That Prove Boredom Is Good For Creativity.

25 Images That Prove Boredom Is Good For Creativity. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

On average, people spend 14% of their entire life at work. If you think about it, that’s an incredible amount of time. It seems like people spend more time at work than they do at home, or with loved ones. Your work friends become like a second family that help the time go by a little faster. Sometimes, while you’re sitting at work, there’s just nothing to do, and boredom sets in. Some people turn to social media when this happens. But, sometimes, people get really creative with it. The following people didn’t let their boredom get the best of them, they got the best of their boredom.In this incredible display of Pringles art, the creator took their boredom to the next level. I wonder how many times they had to start this over.

These people are just monkeying around on their down time at work. It’s definitely a silly way to pass the time.

This welder used his imagination, and his apparent free time, to make this little guy. The struggle with boredom is real.

These bookstore employees had some fun with this one. It’s crazy how they matched up so perfectly.

With a bunch of patience, and 40 origami squares, this employee put his talents to use. I wonder what else he can make.

Looks like this person made a T-Rex rocking out at a concert. Wishful thinking, maybe?

I can’t imagine what drove this person to draw that many faces. Maybe it was a horrible “bored” meeting?

Her boredom was so bad, she decided to remove every seed in this strawberry. That really is an accomplishment.

This Mario fan made a huge replica of Bowser out of Post-Its. He did a pretty good job, too, if you ask me.

And they make large flowers and stars out of coat hanger tags. Not every day at work can be filled with excitement.

This person made a new friend at work! It’s a bit corny, but at least he wasn’t bored anymore.

People make dogs out of the hair they sweep up. There’s no need to miss your pets at home when you can do this.

Either someone’s playing with a dead cockroach, or they’re so bored they made friends with it. Regardless, this one is pretty strange.

This Bob’s Burgers fan did a great job drawing the characters of the show. I wonder if he talked to them, too.

They really put their boredom to good use. They’re a pretty amazing artist, too!

What a better way to spend their time, then to make a castle out of cardboard. I bet their boss would be furious if they made a working moat.

But, at least they weren’t bored. They should still eat the banana, though.

That’s a lot of copper wiring. But, those scorpions are awesome.

This person’s doodling game is strong, though. That’s a lot of extra time they had.

I don’t know if this is better, or worse, than the cockroach one. It definitely is pretty gross, though.

They must have played a lot of Tetris growing up. I hope they’re not gonna smoke all of those cigarettes, too.

Either way that’s a lot of Post-Its. I hope their boredom didn’t get them into trouble.

This guy made a throne out of computer parts. Looks like it’s pretty comfortable.

You got to make the time spent at school go by faster somehow. I bet the principal at that school is a really good sport.

This person had a bright day with the use of paperclips. This would bring a smile to my face, as well.

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