25 Makeup Battle Stations That Will Inspire You To Organize.

25 Makeup Battle Stations That Will Inspire You To Organize. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

A makeup battle station is the one place where you and your beauty can really blossom. But sometimes, your makeup spot has to be as equally as stunning as you are. After all, your vanity station has to be warm and welcoming, because who wants to put on their face in a messy environment? A clutter-free zone can ensure that your makeup comes out looking superior and pristine. So, from serene to wistful white, here are some vanities with an array of different concepts that can show you a whole new way of storing all of your beauty related products.When It comes to makeup, vanities and organization are your first line of defense before you go out and face the world. Personally, this one’s satisfying to look at because it’s brighter and cheerful. Plus, that aqua rug is life, sister!

It’s got everything from a mirrored dressing table to acrylic organizers. It reminds us a bit of a makeup station inside a movie star’s dressing room, doesn’t it?

There’s something elegant about it, but not too over the top. Oh, and we love that mirror and the style of that tile wall, and that T-chair that you simply don’t know if you should pet or sit in.

Because when you want to look your best, you want to make sure that all the makeup you’re putting on looks good in any light.

It looks almost like the kind of thing you’d come to expect from a beauty salon, and that chair looks super comfy. Even that gray bathroom rug is cool in case you accidentally drop some makeup, it won’t damage the actual carpet.

It may very well be one our favorites among all the other makeup stations. It’s almost like it came out of a scene from American Horror Story: Hotel. It’s got everything you need to stay fab and stay organized.

Now most people don’t like the idea of a mirage mirrored 2-drawer vanity because it can get dirty easily, but one look at this and you’ll be reconsidering that notion fast.

This station used to be an IKEA laptop table, but was turned into a vanity with an IKEA glass mirror and some acrylic drawers and wooden bins to keep everything nice and clean. Now all it needs is some flowers.

It allows you to use the natural light from the window, but it doesn’t block the mirror. Plus, the curved desk idea looks amazing. It’s like little makeup area and window that every woman needs.

The setup is fabulous and the chair is totally chic. There’s actually something about that mirror with the light frame around it that looks futuristic, and you also have a coffee maker there, because even with makeup, you need a little extra something to wake you up in the morning.

Bathroom sinks are often crowded with makeup, and you have your husband and kids mixing their stuff with yours. At least this way, you can have your own vanity table. Plus, it’s more organized and we simply love the polished, matte dark wood.

It looks amazing! That lighting is studio-worthy! And the cabinets are bound to hold plenty of the products that you’ll need to look pretty. The only thing missing is a super comfy chair to finish off that luxurious look.

So is he if he continues buying things like this vanity that looks this cool. There’s plenty of storage in this vanity, and it looks like the stool doubles as extra storage too. Beautiful job on the boyfriend’s part.

At the Theatrical Supply Co., one makeup artist decided that fixing the shelves and reorganizing was a hurdle that had to be tackled carefully. Now they can bank on a station that’s a theater makeup artist’s dream come true.

Love the glass top, just like everything else, including those nifty looking side trays. There’s something peaceful about the whole set-up and location. Plus, the window provides great lighting first thing in the morning.

Sometimes, it’s not even about the materials you used, but the illusion of perfection. See that marble piece? It’s not actually marble. It’s a board from Home Depot, covered with some marble themed contact paper. Now doesn’t that look amazing?

Not only do you get to use something that you can tell everyone you inherited from your great grandmother, but it looks like a vanity from a Jane Austen novel.

All you need is a Broadway mirror, some contact paper to give off the illusion of a marble table top, and you’ll have a space that’s calming, peaceful, and photographs well too.

With a couple of string lights in the background, your entire vanity can have an eerie purple aura that will make you feel like you’re putting makeup on aboard an alien spacecraft.

Not only is there plenty of space for you to put your lip products, palettes and color pop shadows, but you can actually see what color you’re going to choose without even having to pull the draws out. It’s too bad it’s on the floor, but it’s still a great tower though.

It’s the feature wall like this one, which was made out of cardboard and then painted on. It not only makes your battle station look beautiful, but also extremely impressive.

With some vanity lights and wall-organizers as well as the shelving units, you can prevent your station from looking like a disaster zone. Personally, we’d love to do our makeup here.

That mirror vanity is simply stunning, and the lighting gives it that Disney princess castle look. Plus, there’s plenty of space for your brushes and elbow room for when you start putting on your face.

It’s such a gorgeous space with that impressive brush collection, and acrylic drawers full of goodies. Even the Broadway mirror, which seems smaller than most adds a wow factor.

There’s a bit of antique and vintage mixed in here. It’s almost like having a section of Bath and Body Works added into your home. It’s quaint, but also a nice setup that we love so much.

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