25 Of The Most Amazing Roads On Earth… The Journey IS The Destination.

25 Of The Most Amazing Roads On Earth… The Journey IS The Destination. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Typically, the topography of the land is cleared and razed to make space for highways and roads to be built. Sometimes, though, *the earth just refuses to cooperate*, and roads have to be built in spite of the fact that conditions aren’t ideal. The result? Epically awesome thoroughfares that have to be driven to be believed. Check out this insane roads below and try to decide which ones you’d dare to navigate – **#8 looks like the best road trip ever.**This road spans from the border of Arizona to Monument Valley in Utah. This stretch of pavement is known for it’s amazing views of red rocks in the desert.

This road is 100 miles long, and offers uninterrupted views of the surrounding mesas and rock formations.

This highway is comprised of 42 bridges that span over 113 miles. The bridge is narrow, so when you’re on it, you’ll feel like you’re driving on the ocean itself.

If you’re traveling on this road, you will run into amazing mountain lakes, gorgeous valleys, and even glaciers. The road is so beautiful that it’s actually considered one of Canada’s national treasures.

This narrow strip of land that cuts through the Atlantic Ocean and boasts epic views of Norwegian – who wouldn’t want to see seals and whales while they’re cruising down the road?

This road leads to Milford Sound, one of the locations used in “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Anyone want to take a road trip to Mordor?

Overlooking the sea, this road has 114 curves. That means that while you’ll want to look out at the majestic views, you should probably pay attention to the roads.

This is known as the most dangerous road in the world – it has single lanes, steep drops, and many hairpin turns.

Trollstigen means “troll ladder” in Norwegian, and it is a name befit for this narrow switchback road. Once you’re at the top of this passageway, you’ll be able to view the Stigfossen waterfall- it’s over one thousand feet tall and cascades over the mountains. Sounds like it’s totally worth the trip.

This incredible road winds through the DadesValley, cutting between the Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountains.

On sunny drives on this road, the red stone reflects the sun and looks like it’s on fire. Talk about a hot ride!

This is one of the most difficult roads to cross during the winter – the concrete is usually covered with upwards of 80 feet of snow!

Possibly the most famous highway in America, it runs along beautiful western coastlines looking out onto the Pacific.

In northern Italy, this mountain pass sits at over 9,000 feet above sea level – that makes it the second highest paved road in the Alps!

This road has amazing views of waterfalls and greenery. It also is notorious for botched GPS signals – drivers often get led in the wrong direction.

This bridge sits at 1,125 feet, making the Millau Viaduct the tallest bridge in the world.

This highway leads up to the famed Nu’uanu Pali. It’s also incredibly steep and winding, making it an exhilarating venture for even the most seasoned drivers.

This road cuts through the Andes Mountains, and isn’t recommended for anyone except for local travelers – or highly experienced drivers.

This amazing road cuts through three of Taiwan’s major cities: Taipei, New Taipei, and Yilan. Driving it is an excellent way to see the country.

This winding road is so extreme, it’s almost difficult to look It leads towards Namibe Province.

This route was once used for trade of goods and culture between China and India Today, it’s simply a road that boasts pristine, heavenly beauty.

This ashphalted road winds through a Iranian suburb called Chalus, and it is incredibly narrow and treacherous.

This is a major road that cuts through Caucasus, all the way from Georgia to Russia.

This amazing road is actually ranked as the 22nd most dangerous road in the world, due to the fact that it’s extremely narrow, extraordinarily steep, and has no safety barriers.

From top to bottom, this mountain road is 6.8 miles of winding road – not to mention some incredible views.

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