25 People Who Are Just Having A Really Bad Day.

25 People Who Are Just Having A Really Bad Day. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Not one human can say that they haven’t had a bad day. Your car overheats and you get stuck on the side of the road for hours or the lasagna you spent all day making falls on the floor right before dinner. Those are mild inconveniences compared to what these people went through. They truly understand the meaning of having a REALLY bad day.I could have sworn this only happened in cartoons. Is Bugs Bunny hiding behind the tree?

Because everyone knows that when the sand looks that wet, you should not be driving a car on it.

Become a cop they said.

You don’t really need it anyways, right?

Yep. Time to find a new place to live.

Maybe next time you should put down the beer and drive the boat?

You’re an adult and you should know better.

There’s no way the water would move the ladder. This is completely safe.

Or maybe he’s wanted by the law. All we know is that he definitely didn’t want his picture taken.

Leave any dog named Cujo at the shelter where you found them.

No need to rent a lift when you have some ingenuity.

You go off to college and set the whole thing on fire.

He probably doesn’t drive trucks anymore, which is a really good thing.

You can’t really blame them. The lines at the bank can be ridiculous.

We imagine he had a nice fat detention waiting for him when he got down.

Her cat had a completely different idea.

All that matters is that she wasted a taco.

A lot of the time you’re just hanging around, waiting for something to do.

Just leave. There’s another gas station down the road.

Although, we’re not really sure why there’s netting around it.

And that’s all that needs to be said. Lucky it missed their house, though.

And why is nobody helping him?

They should see a mechanic. Immediately.

Hopefully that’s sauce all over the place and not someone’s blood. Those things are dangerous.

But why are there men hanging from it, and what’s up with the random shopping cart?

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