25 People Who Really Don’t Care What You Think.

25 People Who Really Don’t Care What You Think. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Some people grow to one day be unbothered by anything. Others are born into this world that way. They simply don’t care about anything or anyone’s opinions. Nowadays, our society has endless expectations and social codes that are meant to be followed. Not following said social codes will result in others judging you. This, however, does not affect people who don’t care. You’ll see what we mean in the photos below. All of us should take pointers from these people every once in a while — it’s pretty relieving doing things without worrying about what others will think of you.This takes a lot more skill than you think it does.

A mini-tent along with a pillow and blanket will now be on my pack-list for every future flight I take.

What happened to the bro code? You couldn’t let this one slide?

He knocked on the door to ask for a banana and then left afterwards.

Public authorities in a nutshell, in pretty much every country.

This is what riding luxurious REALLY looks like.

But this is a grandma you don’t wanna mess with.

It’ll probably all go flat before he gets half way through the drink.

This is just another day, riding around in standard transportation.

The letters on the screen were obviously too small.

Obviously he’s a veteran. Other students should take down some pointers from him.

Of course he had to give a chair a test run.

She obviously does not care for her safety whatsoever.

Spiderman could have been at the birth of Jesus too.

You’re not a part of the norm if you’re not going out in style like this.

Close enough? I mean, it’s the same color scheme as everyone else’s.

Yet all she wants to do is swing. Some kids just want to watch the world burn.

“Anything Marilyn could do, I can do better! See?”

Ok, I think it’s time for that head count now.

But it’s probably the beginning and the end of a security career.

That guy is probably the tech god of the office.

Are his feet cold? Uncomfortable? Both?

“Y’all shall not pass.”

How many pancakes does everyone want?

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