25 People Who Took Trolling To A Whole Other Level.

25 People Who Took Trolling To A Whole Other Level. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Nobody likes a wise guy. We get it. You’re smart and you love to be sarcastic but these characteristics can get annoying pretty quickly. Nonetheless, we can’t help but to laugh at all these hilarious examples of wise guys doing what they do best: trolling. In this situation, a troll is a person who likes to punk on other people. For example, a person who leaves funny and sarcastic notes in the office or someone who carries out a request too literally. Check out the photos below that you’ll undoubtedly shake your head at but smirk at simultaneously.But wasn’t specific about how she wanted it cut.

Reveal yourself so I can give you a high five.

Don’t be afraid to improvise.

Thank goodness for the life saver who put that there.

Well played, Siri, well played.

This isn’t the last time.

And you GPS decides to get smart with you.

At all costs, DO NOT remove the seal.

Yes, you COULD chew on it but you didn’t have to!

Sorry $50 reward, I was really close to choosing you.

You mind oil amusing.

Don’t underestimate a kid’s creativity.

Just for what reason are these books like this.

How dare you go against the instructions.

He’s so talented.

But it looks like you’re forever in the friend zone.

Be careful what you wish for.

The instructions couldn’t be anymore clearer.

They just gotta correct everyone’s grammar.

Never tell them not to do something!

You’ve become the troll this time.

You’re welcome in advance.

But let’s not question what doesn’t make sense.

A picture of a tree, of course.

Haven’t we already suffered enough after watching the Titanic’s tragic ending?

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