25 Photos Of Kimberly Loaiza, The Hottest YouTuber Of The Moment.

25 Photos Of Kimberly Loaiza, The Hottest YouTuber Of The Moment. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Just like in Hollywood where there seems to be an “It girl” every couple of months, social media is no different. The only difference between the entertainment industry and the media platform is that you don’t need to know how to sing or act. As long as you know your best angles and give a Kardashian worthy pout, you are in. The latest darling is Kimberly Loaiza.This is in addition to the almost three million subscribers in YouTube. Her videos have been viewed a mere 86 million times.

She has also pranked her mom where she filled the house with over 200 balloons. One of Loaiza’s most popular video is her ranking the best songs to play based on the mood you are in.

She joined YouTube on November 15, 2016. Her first video alone garnered over 1.4 million views.

If you are wondering why she is pouting in pretty much all of her photos there’s a reason for it. Loaiza wears braces on her teeth.

This translates to “hello my loving.” The 19-year-old refers to her viewers as her lovings throughout the clips.

She would lip sync, dance, and do imitations with her cousins. She loved it so much she decided to create her own YouTube channel.

The family then moved to Mazatlán, a resort city in the state of Sinaloa.

She admits it was her dad who taught her how to. Although she does say her legs could barely reach the pedals in the vehicle.

Loaiza says she will attend eventually. Her YouTube videos may be keeping her busy from choosing a career.

She uses her videos to interact with her fans. She will hold Q & A where she adds a lot of humour.

She will take up challenges like eating three tacos in one minute. In case you are wondering, she failed the test.

She was asked if she could touch her nose with her tongue. To her surprise, she was able to do it without any problem.

She dated fellow YouTuber Juan De Dios Pantoja. In fact, the couple collaborated in each other’s videos.

As De Dios Pantoja’s own video production took him outside Mazatlan, they both grew apart. Nonetheless, the two appeared in one of Loaiza’s videos two months ago.

It may be more of a business venture rather than getting back together though. Their videos together averages between three to five million viewers.

Despite her successful videos with De Dios Pantoja, both of her fans were growing tired and critical of seeing them together that often. Although De Dios Pantoja explained the constant collaboration.

There are approximately 434,000 residents in Mazatlán. Although the two claim that they are the only famous vloggers there.

Since the pair broke the news, it was expected that she would lose at least half of her subscribers on YouTube. In fact, at one point it did appear on her counter that she did indeed lose half of her base.

They had cancelled over 250,000 subscribers who were inactive. But Loaiza is so popular that her numbers went up again.

That’s becoming a vlogger. Although her popularity means her family has to take measures to ensure her safety.

They have stayed in the same Pacific shoreline city. Except the neighbourhood they have moved to is a gated community.

At the top of the walls, it is covered with electrical wires. This is to ensure no one tries to climb and jump over the wall.

All in the comfort of her home. Although she does do a lot of her shoots outside the home.

Specifically when she orders something from Asia where it’s what the website claims and what she actually receives.

Anyone of Mexico’s major networks should be jumping at the chance to sign her exclusively. Mexico produces soap operas that are seen all over Latin and North America, Europe, and Asia. Her getting a TV gig seems like the natural course.

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