25 Photos That Will Trigger Your Thalassophobia.

25 Photos That Will Trigger Your Thalassophobia. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The sea is full of wonders both above and under the waves, and some of the discoveries you’ll find in the ocean might make you feel like you’re in some kind of Hollywood movie. Some things will even make you feel like you’re on another planet. But either way, you’re so tempted to dip your toes in the water or even dive right on into the ocean depth to explore the ocean’s scary depth. Even if it triggers your thalassophobia a bit, it’s okay, because you’re an adventurer and that kind of persistent fear and intense adrenaline rush doesn’t frighten you. You get off on it!But there might be something lurking underneath. Maybe a shark could be scoping you out and you’d probably never know it until it was too late. Remember, this is their territory. You’re just a guest, and can’t always see what’s right in front of you.

It’s got different shades of blues that no artist throughout history could ever hope to capture. It’s absolutely breathtaking. What are you waiting for? The ocean is calling you. Answer it.

There are chasms on the bottom of the ocean floor that like whirlpools. So don’t get too close or it could pull you right on in and it’s dark and scary down there.

Well, it turns out that the bow of a ship can wind up looking like some sort of humongous fish ready to swallow you whole. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to poke it first before going in to explore.

The Rudolf Mine is located in Romania, 400 ft below the surface, and has plenty to see and do like a miniature golf course, bowling, a 180-seat amphitheater, and a boating lake.

Maybe looking for Jesus doesn’t always involve looking up. Sometimes you have to look down to find him. Just don’t go too far down or you might end up in hot water, if you catch our drift.

If you don’t have any oxygen, then hopefully you can hold your breath until you can swim away from this icy shelf that’ll keep you from joining the surface. Just thinking about it will make your heart skip a beat.

This is what the bottom of an iceberg looks like. It’s huge and scary, but also kind of beautiful for something that send our beloved Jack Dawson to an early grave.

You could say that the sea is like a mirror image of the world above, and like dry land, you’ll also find waterfalls underwater. But don’t count on being able to swim up shore if you get caught in one of these. The waterfalls can have the same pulling force as a whirlpool.

We’re not exactly sure if this is a whale or a shark, but either way, we sure would feel bad if that surfer ran into either of those creatures. Thank goodness he’s oblivious to what’s behind him or he’d have a heart attack.

In light of recent hurricanes that have left some homes flooded, this feels more like a bad dream. But hey, if you don’t mind swimming instead of walking down the hall, then go for it. Ariel would approve.

Just ask this diver who’s looking at that piece of debris like he’s standing outside of a haunted house. He’s probably just as curious as we are to know what could have caused so much damage to that vessel.

Those things are huge and they don’t sink, but can hide below the surface, so if you’re sailing on a boat, keep an eye out for these containers, or you could wind up recreating a Titanic moment.

We sure wouldn’t mind observing this school of stingrays from the safety of a boat. But if this swarm approached us while we were swimming, we’d be paddling at lightspeed to get to safety.

This creature washed up on the Cornish Coast in the UK. It’s humongous, as you can see when comparing it to the size of the guy taking the photo.

The Old Man of the Lake is a large piece of stone that’s been floating around in Crater Lake since 1896. You know, for something that big and heavy, it sure seems to be unsinkable.

You might run into a basking shark who’s ready to nibble on your toes and legs, and if you’re onboard a small boat like a canoe, you better hope that it doesn’t capsize you and make you lunch.

Looks like you won’t be getting back anytime soon. Guess, it’s time to turn the ship and start heading around this, unless you’re feeling bold and decided that your boat can cut through this icy landmass.

These sea creatures are absolutely fantastic to look at from a safe distant. But they can also be extremely curious, and when they decide they want to get to know you up close, you better put on your life jackets.

Visibility isn’t all it’s cracked up to be on the ocean, and while you see yourself as a human taking a dip in the sea, this shark just sees appetizers before a bigger meal.

Oddly enough, the plates are separating at this spot instead of converging, which is awesome because that means these divers don’t have to fret about being brushed by the moving plates.

This is an abyss that is just looking to swallow you whole. So it seems like the sea is just out to get you. If crevices on the ocean surface don’t get you, some sea-faring creature might.

But it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able out row that huge creature that’s swimming under your boat. We sure hope that creature doesn’t decide to surface.

It can also be scary. There are so many things that can go wrong, like a great white coming over to invite you for a meal, or a cramp in your leg that will make it tough to float. Nope, we’re out!

Some people can’t swim, but they still get on a boat. Then they fall overboard, and help doesn’t always arrive in time. You’re either lost at sea, paddling to stay afloat, or you’re fish food before anyone throws you a lifesaver, and we’re not talking about the delicious candy either.

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