25 Rebels Who Don’t Care About Your Silly Rules.

25 Rebels Who Don’t Care About Your Silly Rules. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Following and obeying rules have never been a thing for everyone. Some people like to live life on the wild side. They dare to be dangerous. They’re risk takers. But I guess being a risk taker nowadays has more than one meaning. Of course you have your conventional risk taker — people who actually put their life in danger. And then you have the people who think they’re risk takers — people who blatantly ignore signs. I guess this second type of “risk taker” is risking getting a heavy fine so they are in some way being a daredevil. They can’t help it. They didn’t choose this kind of life, it chose them.I’ll put my food and drinks wherever I want.

Poor guy, he was just trying to be nice giving the monkeys some food.

That’s a cruel rule. What if people’s legs are tired and they want to sit?

Stop loitering around the salsa bar and do it at your table!

So technically speaking, this pug is not in the wrong.

He’s a little rebel in the making.

Living life on the dangerous side, I see.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if it could?

It clearly says “dogs allowed.” Can you not read?

Because that is unfair if he does. This is clear rule breaking.

And you don’t mess with a woman who’s tired.

One of the campers should just take down the sign.

Tune in next time to find out.

Shame on the other guy for letting him think it was a good idea to go about this photo.

I wonder what the punishment is for this.

You’re a down right smooth criminal.

What disruption can a cellphone bring to a restroom?

She seems more like a centaur than a horse.

He must have felt a heavy rush of adrenaline.

But touché on the “no touching.”

Ok, this isn’t a sign but how could you mess up on this one?

Time to buy some new markers.

But here we see, nothing is impossible.

Bravo to the guy who was able to recreate it.

He hasn’t reached the end of the book yet.

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