25 Ridiculous Products You’ll Definitely Want, #22 Is Better Than The Real Thing.

25 Ridiculous Products You’ll Definitely Want, #22 Is Better Than The Real Thing. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Why can’t we stop buying things? The truth is that most of us just get excited about new things. We love holding them, admiring them in detail, and making them our own. We find joy in products that are adorable, expressive, funny, nostalgic, smart, useful or just plain weird. I don’t condone hoarding, in fact I am an avid organizer, but I do understand the magic of finding a product that speaks directly to me. If I feel so inclined, I will take out my card and make it mine. **In this list, you’ll find 25 awesome products that will make you want to take out your card, too.**Talk about fresh. This kit includes a keg tap, coring tool, and instructions so that you can serve the perfect summer beverage. It works for pumpkins too! According to The Gardening Channel, some gardeners view watermelons as vegetables because of the techniques involved and botanists view them as a fruit. Some people consider the watermelon both a fruit and a vegetable. What do you think?

This is the perfect piece of decor that allows you to say what you’ve always felt: “Game Boy is life.”

“We’re on the brink of the next industrial revolution. Instead of buying things, you can make them on a printer. When you have a 3D printer, you can iterate more – what used to take months, now takes hours.” -Bre Pettis, Founder and Former CEO of MakerBot

These should be donated to university students.

Dandelion comes from the French word “dent de lion,” or lion’s tooth. These plants are often associated with intelligence, radiance, and faithfulness, among other things. What do dandelions mean to you?

You won’t have to travel to Tokyo for adorablattes with this fun invention.

With this snuggle sack, you can finally be yourself.

If you are a sharp individual that also happens to love The Sound of Music, this shirt was made for you.

Is your pup still learning how to play nice? Grab this in the meantime. They’ll get there.

This table is the perfect way to geek out in elegant fashion or for couples with creative differences to compromise.

According to Design Boom, artists and designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe are using this project to “challenge the dynamic between humans and technology.” Whether or not you would actually use this isn’t the point; the point, I believe, is that we live in a time when an invention like this isn’t so surprising. This statement on society, despite its looks, is actually quite profound. Snee and Crowe will be limiting their sales to 10 Selfie Arms.

Have you ever been out dancing at a place that had no coat check and were left dancing with your clutch in one hand? This multi-compartment garter is the answer to your purse-outfit clashes. Stay sassy.

In Japanese, “inu” translates as dog and “pan” translates as bread. Pretty simple concept. I actually have a few of these and no, I do not regret buying them.

Made with biodegradable materials by British designer Freyja Sewall, this felt pod creatively combines privacy and style.

MUJI is a Japanese company that stands out by having a “No Brand” concept. With stores expanding globally, more people will have access to simply designed products from pens to furniture. This handheld shredder is perfect for those of you who don’t need an office-sized machine.

This way, everyone stays warm!


Gift this to an aspiring pastry chef. You can be the taste tester!

My roommates in college probably hated me because I had a daily morning routine of searching for my phone and hitting snooze. Repeatedly. This clock goes off and travels around the room until you turn it off. It also has a face on it. I need this.

I have a few good friends, a fashionable couple, who rode Bromptons throughout Japan. As a San Francisco Bay Area resident where bicycle theft is a huge problem, I would love to have my own.

Italian inventor Claudio Torghel created “Let’s Pizza”, a machine that makes pizza from scratch in under 3 minutes. Need I say more?

With the Boyfriend Pillow, you won’t be looking so lonely anymore. You could even use it with the Selfie Arm!

These tattoos will look amazing while you’re dancing at the club!

Want to protect your valuables or save something for a surprise? This safe will blend in with the other plugs around the house.

“Thou art damned, like an ill-roasted egg.” – As You Like It

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