25 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Under $30… #7 Is A Genius Idea.

25 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Under $30… #7 Is A Genius Idea. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Whenever Christmas season arrives, the first people you think to shop for are your close friends, family, and significant other. They’re the people you prioritize Christmas gift shopping for and they are the people you are willing to spend the most money on. But what about your oh so lovely coworkers? You see them 5 days a week from morning to evening. You not only work with them, you converse with them, eat with them, vent about people who suck with them – they’re practically a second family to you. They deserve a little something, right? You’ve already spent so much money on all the other extravagant gifts. Is it really possible to get a decent gift on a budget for someone you know but don’t really know? Yes, and luckily for you, we have a list of them below.For the Lego-loving child at heart coworker.

For the coworker that’s always lending things out to others.

Perfect for the coworker who always has their phone glued to their face.

For the coworkers you’ve seen drop their phones in their car endless times.

Perfect for both tea and coffee drinkers.

Perfect for the people who are always attending a new concert, game, or event every weekend.

For the coworker who’s always running out of outlets.

For that one coworker who always receives flowers in the office.

For the forgetful people who need memo pads to write everything down.

A cute way for a coworker to keep all their writing utensils organized and it reminds them to recycle.

A crafty gift you can get personalized for any of your coworkers. Have them give out their business cards in style.

For the aspiring bartender in the office.

For the coworker who’s always making paper planes. Have them step their game up with this cool kit.

A very special notepad EVERY person in the office needs.

For the coworkers who love both chocolate and bourbon, what better than an infused treat?

For the wander-lusting coworkers who dream of paid time off every month.

A cute and organized way to pack your lunch for work.

Perfect for coworkers to keep on the side if you work in a super cold AC-blasted environment.

For the coworker who’s always receiving/purchasing packages that they struggle with opening.

Great for the bike enthusiast in the staff. Works as both a keychain and bottle opener.

Good for the artsy person in the office.

A cute addition to any coworker’s desk.

For the coworker who loves getting cute and creative with their lunches.

For the coworkers who always want instant ramen for lunch but never have a bowl.

$5 above your budget but a perfect little game to bust out when your boss is out of town and theres nothing to do.

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