25 Signs It’s Too Hot Outside… #13 Is The Worst!

25 Signs It’s Too Hot Outside… #13 Is The Worst! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It always seems like time starts going by faster and faster after each new year. One moment you’re celebrating New Years and before you know it, you’re celebrating Christmas. 2016 has barely just started what feels like a few days ago and summer has already fallen upon us! And once it’s summer, you know what that means: heat. Some people enjoy it while others hate it. However, it’s kind of hard not to hate the summer heat if it’s **SUPER** hot. “*Super*” hot meaning it’s hot enough to melt plastic. “*Super*” hot meaning it’s hot enough to literally cook an egg on the sidewalk. Here’s a few ways that you can tell it’s starting to get really hot outside. You can also think of them as warnings to stay inside where it’s nice and cool, that is assuming you have air conditioning.That’s when you know it’s really freakin’ hot.

Is that even repairable?

“Yeah, seems about right to me.”

Look like it’s time to opt out for curtains.

Yeah, that’s cool… you guys can just keep that pool for yourselves.

He’s dreaming of winter days. I hope he doesn’t fall asleep in there.

Just a sad limp looking wire. Damn, it’s really hot outside when this happens.

Poor guy just can’t handle the heat anymore.

When camping becomes glamping (glamorous camping).

It’s a community sharing their woes together. Poor kitties need some AC,

Their car’s AC must be broken… or it’s just THAT hot.

The car has become the oven.

Just keep the mittens on for the whole day, it’ll make it easier.

And creates the perfect 90 degree angle.

Don’t disturb him, he’s just looking for a cool down spot. Poor little guy.

That’s one smart cat.

Ouch, that looks like its gotta hurt!

They’re hoggers and they don’t care.You can’t blame them.

You can’t fly in the heat, that’s just torture.

The taste of the rainbow has gotten a little sticky.

No big deal, not like we need them or anything.

Doesn’t that look delicious. NOT.

For example, the remains of what used to be a plastic hanger.

One a day just became one a year.

At least it looks modern?

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