25 Stories About Mothers That Are So Weird You’ll Think About Them All Day.

25 Stories About Mothers That Are So Weird You’ll Think About Them All Day. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Moms are tough ladies. We all know this. Going through nine months (or more) of pregnancy is hard enough, but that’s only the beginning of the journey as a mom. Some moms do some truly extraordinary things, sometimes before they even give birth. You’ll see several examples of that here today. You’ll see moms who waited much longer than others before actually becoming a mom or a mom that gave up everything to save her daughter and yet another mom that had eight kids at the same time. That was in addition to the six she already had. Moms can be truly amazing sometimes and you’ll see some good examples of that below.She gave birth to a daughter at the age of 19. She then had a son at the age of 60. That’s the longest interval ever between children.

Stacey is only 2 feet four inches tall, making her the smallest mother in the world. Despite being warned of the several risks that she faces, she has had three children and still wants more.

Adriana gave birth to her daughter in 2005, at the age of 66. At the time, she was the oldest mother in the world to give birth. Now 72 years old, she is talking about having another one.

Thomas is the first male to have a baby. He had gender reassignment surgery back in 2002 and then became pregnant through artificial insemination.

Joanna was pregnant with triplets when she went into labor much earlier than doctors wanted. One of the babies died and she was forced to lay upside down, at a 30 degree angle, for more than two months, to keep the others from sending her into another labor. After that, she delivered the other two as healthy babies.

Heather had a regular pregnancy but a heroic life. When a deadly tornado ripped through her town, she laid her body across her three- year-old daughter to protect her. Her daughter survived, but Heather, unfortunately did not.

Everyone knows who Octomom is after she gave birth to octuplets. That was in addition to the six she already had.

Horlock has given birth to 13 surrogate babies. She was only going to do it one time but decided to keep going when she realized the good she was doing.

Lohan was the oldest first time mother at the age of 69. She got pregnant through an IVF treatment and mom and baby are still doing fine.

The woman climbed a tree to escape a raging flood in her town. While up there, she went into labor. Somehow she was able to give birth in the tree and her daughter is now 17 years old.

She had a daughter that weighed just 8.6 ounces. That is believed to be the smallest baby ever to survive after birth. She was part of a set of twins at birth, with the other being just fine.

The wife of Feodor Vassilyev gave birth to 69 children over the course of 27 pregnancies or so the story goes. That’s the world record for the most child births ever and she did it back in the 18th century. Still, no one knows her name.

Lina was the youngest person to ever give birth to a baby. She was just five years old when she delivered. She never told anyone what or who led to the pregnancy.

Hunter was in labor for a staggering 375 days before finally giving birth. That’s more than a year of being pregnant. Wow!

Panwar is the oldest woman to ever give birth to twins. She was impregnated through IVF treatment and gave birth at the age of 70.

Carmelina gave birth to a son that weighed 22 pounds and 8 ounces, back in 1955. That’s the heaviest baby ever born to a healthy mom.

She has had 58 children during her life. That’s the record for most prolific contemporary mother. That’s just amazing!

Mothers generally only generate enough breast milk to cover what they need. This leads to a shortage because some moms don’t generate enough. Richman saw she had way more than she needed so she started saving and donating hers. When all was said and done she donated 86.8 gallons. That’s insane!

Thirty doctors where there when Simpson gave birth to her daughter. It was a high risk delivery because of the fact Simpson weighed in at over 500 pounds. The daughter was successfully delivered and Simpson is now weighing in at well over 600 pounds.

Goodwin recently ran a half-marathon while at the same time pushing the triplets in a stroller. She completed the race in just over two hours and it’s believed that it’s a new world record.

This is Britain’s oldest mom. Her son looks to be a pretty good size and you can see the struggle she has. She probably can’t wait until he starts walking!

This is another woman with a claim to be the oldest mother in the world. Dawn thought she had cancer so went to visit a doctor. It turned out that she was just pregnant. She had no idea that she was pregnant and ended up giving birth on her 59th birthday.

Serrao gave birth to twins for her daughter in 2007 at the age of 51. That makes her a true grandma-mom.

At the age of 55, Cade became another grandma-mom. She had triplets though, that were born at the times of 12:22, 12:23 and 12:24.

Kimberly Richardson was 25 years old and six months pregnant when her boyfriend shot her. She was able to call for help and doctors were able to deliver her daughter before Kimberly sadly died the next morning.

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