25 Summer Wedding Ideas That Will Raise The Bar For Your Single Friends.

25 Summer Wedding Ideas That Will Raise The Bar For Your Single Friends. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Planning a wedding can be stressful as it involves so many different decisions you have to make. One of the biggest decisions is choosing what date you want the big event to happen. This is the day that’ll be your anniversary forever. This is the day that will be the first day of your new life. Choosing a day like that can be very difficult. That’s why choosing a season first will help ease your decision-making. Every season has its perks and downfalls. We like to think it’s a preference of weather. If you want an outdoor wedding on a sunny day, your best bet is probably to go with a summer wedding. And why not? A wedding outside surrounded by nature and sunshine, sounds like a dream come true. If you’re already planning on having a summer wedding or need some more convincing, look below at some summer wedding ideas. What better way to spend a summer night than getting hitched to the love of your life?Popsicles come is so many different colors, flavors, and sizes. Choose an assortment of the ones that’ll best fit your wedding theme.

The best part about having an outdoor wedding is being able to decorate it with lights! Just the lights itself can be the main decor of your wedding.

A lot of people like to go straight to roses when it comes to wedding flowers. If you’re going to have a wedding in the summer, consider some summer flowers. You can repurpose the flowers by dropping them off at a nursing home, retirement community, or hospital when the wedding is over. It’s such a shame to see them thrown away.

Prepared guests will show up with their own pair of sunnies. But keep a good batch out for those who didn’t come as prepared.

The end result is simply just so gorgeous. And you can play around with different styles!

Chalkboards will definitely add that rustic vintage edge to your wedding. You can use them as an entrance sign, to show people where their seats are, to label different bars/booths at your wedding, the possibilities are endless!

The best weddings are the ones with a theme. Throw a wedding your guests will never forget filled with carnival food and decorations.

Make gourmet ice cubes by freezing water with berries, fresh herbs, or even flowers in them! Just these ice cubes alone would make great centerpieces!

What better way to celebrate a wedding in the summer than with a big bbq? Fill the menu with some delicious grilled entrees or a variety of sliders.

What better way to end a summer night? They’re a lot easier than you think to include on your special day. Just provide the necessary ingredients, skewers, and a safe heat source!

Instead of the traditional spread of cakes and cupcakes, let your guests customize their very own ice cream sundaes with a buffet supplied with toppings! Include everything from sprinkles to hot chocolate fudge.

If there’s one fruit that represents summer, it’s watermelon. Whether you put it in a salad or have them sliced into mini pieces, it’s guaranteed to be greatly enjoyed.

An array of flavors of lemonade can be a fun way to keep your guests hydrated without getting intoxicated. However, if they want to get a little tipsy, have a bartender on hand at the lemonade bar to make lemonade cocktails by request.

Much like a lemonade bar, just with iced tea! Provide them different types and a pile of lemons to add to their drink. A great refreshment for a hot day!

Seasonal fruit makes a bright (and delicious) gift for your guests. Provide a variety that they can choose from.

Hors d’oeurves don’t always have to be hot, cold appetizers do the job just as well. These can be anything from shrimp cocktail to caprese salads.

Give them seeds they can take home and plant. Living plants are a great wedding favor to give, especially in this season.

Love is in bloom! If you don’t want your guests to have to go through the trouble of planting and waiting for the plants to bloom, provide them flowers that have already grown.

Provide a pair of unisex-styled sandals that everyone can enjoy all season long! These will also be great for the ladies who want to take off their heels at the end of the night. Trust us, they’ll be super grateful.

Not all decorations have to be store-bought. Try a DIY like hanging mini mason jars from a tree with twine filled with water and flowers.

You don’t want your guests to burn in the sun! Help them stay in the shade by providing a bunch of cute parasols that each of your guests can use.

An outdoor event in the summer unfortunately means a lot of sun and a good chance of pesky bugs. Show your guests appreciation for attending such a hot event by providing them some sunscreen and bug spray.

This has got to be the best 2-in-1 accessory you could add to a summer wedding! Killing two birds with one stone has never felt so good.

Let love shine! Let your guests help you end the night with a sparkle! These will be great props to some awesome night time photos.

Here we have a table that’s suspended from a tree with ropes. You can use this table to hold drinks, party favors, desserts, anything!

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