25 Things Pet Owners Think Are Cute, But Pets Actually Hate.

25 Things Pet Owners Think Are Cute, But Pets Actually Hate. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Just like how parents love messing with their kids, parents also love messing with their pets. We mean no harm, it’s all out of love! There’s just something about playfully tormenting them that we can’t get enough of. Of course this isn’t something that should be confused with animal abuse! None of this “tormenting” puts any of the pets in actual physical harm. At most, we’re just annoying the hell out of them. We’re all here for a good laugh!But the humans just can’t stop laughing.

How sure are you about that?

She’s probably confused as to what’s on her head.

“You interfered with my beauty sleep for what?!”

“I’m going to scratch your eyes out soon, when you are asleep.”

But he knows if he wants those treats, he has to obey to his owner’s little game.

Also, the owner should now fear for his or her life.

However, it is a Chihuahua… Chihuahuas are always annoyed.

She better go to sleep with one eye open.

“I… will… kill… you… later.”

Looks like mom really wanted to make you look like a badass.

Can’t seem to find the dog in this picture.

It’s always been her dream to be Minnie Mouse.

Sadly it didn’t work. On the plus side, now the cat has a new toy.

Maybe he would enjoy it more if it actually fit him?

It appears Garfield is definitely unamused.

He probably doesn’t like it but it makes him look so sassy.

Just stack everything on top of your cat and pray he/she doesn’t move.

“I’ll just close my eyes and the human will just disappear…”

From the look on your cat’s face, you had better keep your end of the bargain, or there will be trouble!

He’s going crosseyed during his attempts to look at the kissy marks!

Ah aha, they have you fooled, they are playing with you and love it.

Unfortunately, the turtle didn’t like it at all and looked at him like “are you calling me slow?”

Cat: “What do I look like to you, a garbage can?!”

Did Halloween come early?

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