25 Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other Things… #22 Is My Childhood Nightmare.

25 Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other Things… #22 Is My Childhood Nightmare. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever seen something that looked like something else? It happens everyday! Maybe you’ll see a certain shape in the clouds or a facial expression in an inanimate object. This is called pareidolia. It’s a very common visual illusion that many people experience. Don’t worry if you thought you were the only one, you’re not. Pareidolia happens when the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where actually nothing exists. Here’s some photos of things that undeniably look like other things. Careful, you might experience even more pareidolia everywhere you go after looking at all these photos.Beautiful coincidental fence art that can not be duplicated.

Guaranteed chuckle when you see it.

Too cute to do anything with other than stare at it.

Maybe a wolf in the past was reincarnated into this duck? Coolest duck I’ve ever seen.

A big resemblance to Pepe the Frog.

“Take me to any filthy floor and I’ll demolish it for you!”

A community of these would scare the bejeebies off me!

This King toad has demanded for your obedience! Obey or you shall not pass!

Quack, you can’t eat me, quack!

This is actually quite creepy. Maybe there’s a spirit lingering in the store?

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

Both the face and the body are on point.

“I am ready for battle on your call!”

An Egyptian bust that’s 3,000 years old! Maybe Michael Jackson was an Egyptian in his past life.

Not sure if the person who made this intentionally create this grumpy man but it’s awesome nonetheless.

This is too cute and special to eat. It must be preserved somehow!

LOL. You do have to admit this has a very uncanny resemblance to Donald’s face.

The happiest and most adorable cloud you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Does anybody else envision a whole town of these eggplant characters just interacting with each other?

I wonder what the blueprints for this thing looked like before it got approved.

Why thank you eggplant, a thumbs up to you too.

Very provocative art we got going on here.

A heater any Star Wars fan would appreciate.

A literal BIRD poop. This bird’s got some serious skills!

Watch out, there’s a new monster in town! Be weary of all your noodles!

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