25 Tinder Fails That Are So Awkward You’ll Feel Bad For Laughing.

25 Tinder Fails That Are So Awkward You’ll Feel Bad For Laughing. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dating used to be so simple and straight-forward. Nowadays in order to get a date, it’s easier to just look for one online. With Tinder becoming one of the more popular dating apps, it can easily become either your best friend or worst enemy. Going into the whole process with an open mind is what one should do. However, one should be weary of all the potential not-so-perfect suitors. One moment you can be having an interesting conversation with a cool person and the next you could be receiving the worst pick-up lines ever. It’s easy to swipe right on a person that you think is good looking, but a picture can’t tell you how corny or insane that person might be. Not all Tinder moments are bad, but a good chunk of them are just too hilarious not to laugh at.The saving turtle part would have anyone sold.

And she definitely wasn’t expecting a rebuttal.

It can get pretty invasive.

Not sure how he would have responded though if she said yes.

Have you ever seen a more romantic love story?

I thought he was raised by wolves! That or his wolf mom really loves him.

He definitely was playing around from the start.

Just look at his profile, it has awesome written all over it.

Next time, make sure you got your words right before actually saying anything.

We can call it “Retriever.”

But in all seriousness, how did he get the water to turn into wine?

“Well, i really trust Chewbacca, gotta swipe right on this one.”

I’m glad she found the humor because that was a good one.

Some of this content is pure quality!

You can’t deny how accurate this is!

Don’t let it become awkward, use it to your advantage!

No need for all the small talk and banter, just get straight to the point.

However, it was kind of anticlimactic after all that build up.

That’s code for “All the others bombed out.”

But in all seriousness, us ladies can all relate to you girl.

Probably the most truthful of the profiles on Tinder so far.

Hopefully all the girls he used these puns on in the past see this.

Honesty: always the best policy.

For some it’s by being rude, for others it’s by using the word “guacamole.”

But well worth it. Not to mention this girl totally deserved what she got.

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