25 Trolls Who Totally Ruined Christmas With The Worst (Funniest) Gifts.

25 Trolls Who Totally Ruined Christmas With The Worst (Funniest) Gifts. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Christmas is the time of giving. It’s a holiday where people give presents to their family and friends. It’s not necessary but it’s tradition and usually expected. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with what you gift your family or friend. Although Christmas is primarily a time to be selfless and generous, it is also an opportunity to be funny and a troll. For example, a literal apple watch or suitcase for a 24 year old who’s still living with his parents. After all, what’s Christmas without a few laughs? Check out some of the funniest gifts received this year.Be careful what you ask for, parents can be very literal.

Why? Because he’s always wanted to give someone a blanket with his face on it.

And you excitedly open it to find this inside.

He was supposed to keep it under $20 but it’s priceless.

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

How sweet of his brother to be so thoughtful.

Gotta do what you gotta do to make sure they get the right gift.

Expect to get a gift that subtly hints “get out.”

But at least it looks like it was worth it?

It should only be expected that they’ll troll you for Christmas.

And yes, she actually went to the beach to take all these pictures. She sent the photo out to all her family and friends.

Not everyone has as awesome of a brother as this.

Who doesn’t want Steve Buscemi on their legs?

And all of that excitement goes away in less than a second.

And instead, they send another family’s blanket. You gotta give it to her anyways, of course.

Expect a care package from them on Christmas.

She’ll hijack it and make it all about herself.

A personalized calendar that your brother created with unique pictures for each month.

The type of socks you get from a crooked eyed granny.

So instead, you get her one of their bows and put it on her car.

And everything’s all cool until you read this on the bottom of the plate AFTER you’ve finished eating everything.

That’s not such an appropriate thing to have underneath the Christmas tree.

Who said wrapping gifts was boring?

Thanks… I’ll just leave this in the back of my cabinet.

Don’t challenge grandma if you don’t mean it.

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