25 Ways To Foil Your Pet’s Evil Plans To Destroy Your Christmas Tree.

25 Ways To Foil Your Pet’s Evil Plans To Destroy Your Christmas Tree. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A household is not complete during the holiday season unless there’s a Christmas tree present. Christmas morning just doesn’t feel the same without a bright decorated tree welcoming you. With that said, not every household has the ability to maintain a nice Christmas tree — specifically ones with pets living in them. Whether you own a cat or a dog, there’s something about Christmas trees and the shiny ornaments that always intrigue them. Sometimes they’ll jump into the tree, other times they’ll knock it over, and if you’re really unfortunate, they’ll eat your tree! And it’s because of this that pet owners have gotten more and more creative every year with ways to pet-proof their trees. Check out some of the best ways to protect your tree below.They can’t mess with it if it’s been saran wrapped.

Any other tree will get ruined.

They’ll never touch it now.

Just turn a tomato cage upside down and add a blanket.

It is completely done. This is all we need.

Let your cat roam. Cage your tree!

You just gotta give up the idea of a traditional Christmas tree.

But if you do, you gotta get creative with your Christmas tree.

And you instantly catch your pet plotting an idea to wreck it.

And they don’t look so happy about it.

Doesn’t it just look so safe and protected?

These are the ones you don’t have to worry about.

The cat will never touch it now!

Wondering what he did to make you hate him so much.

A 2-dimensional tree will make them give up.

Even if that just means hanging ornaments from the ceiling.

But you gotta admit, that’s a beautiful tree nobody would want to get tampered.

But a new problem arises when your cat won’t stop meowing angrily at the ornaments.

You scare them with what they fear most.

Sometimes less is more.

No. The answer is no, you cannot.

For example, make him wear a Christmas outfit for 15 minutes every time he attempts to climb the tree.

Those red bows will definitely scare them away.

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