27 Photos To Show There Is Finally Order In The World.

27 Photos To Show There Is Finally Order In The World. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A perfectionist is a person that refuses to accept anything short of perfection. It’s very hard for a person to be perfect. In fact, it’s impossible. There’s too many different perspectives and opinions for even just one person to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. People, however, can organize objects into perfection. Perfectionist or not, seeing objects neatly organized together can bring a person a lot of fulfillment that they didn’t expect to feel. Whether it’s an assortment of color coordinated items or an arrangement of just neatly placed items, there’s just something about these layouts that might make you feel a type of way. We know it has that effect on us. Check out the photos below and see what effect it has on you.Perfectly transitioning from a creamy color to the darkest of browns.

There’s just something about this photo that makes me feel whole.

It was featured in the “Eye of the Collector” exhibit at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas.

Who would have known a meal that involved hot dogs and tater tots could look this perfect?

Bet you didn’t know they were plastic bottles.

A neat groomer means a neat hair cut.

I would like to keep this trend going, please.

This couldn’t have been arranged in any better way.

Talk about playing with food.

This is real life Tetris.

This makes me want to go out and buy a cubby just so I can fill it with identical items.

More tool-men should follow this type of organization.

How to not intrude on your neighbors.

From grapefruits to oranges to lemons to limes!

Never have rocks looked so beautiful.

It looks like a deconstructed computer or device.

A very aesthetically pleasing breakfast of fruits mirrored down to the last blueberry.

It doesn’t get more uniform than this.

This was a part of an exhibit, Moneybox, by Gianni Motti.

Can you imagine just walking in and this being the first thing you see?

Different colors representing different states.

This was made to support the Think USA Dairy campaign.

A mix of both the old and the new but the white circle is still very readable.

What the artist likes to call a “balanced diet.”

Why throw away used batteries when you can collect them?

The color arrangement is spot on.

Do you know how hard it is to slice a watermelon, let alone slice identical slices?

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