27 Reasons Why Fall Weddings Are The Absolute Best… Every Bride Should Read #11

27 Reasons Why Fall Weddings Are The Absolute Best… Every Bride Should Read #11 April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Growing up in San Diego, coloring paper leaves in class and stringing them together was the closest thing I had to fall foliage. After having the opportunity to travel, I fell in love with fall. The vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves of Kyoto and Nara, among others, remain one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Another great thing about this season is the temperature. It’s perfect. On some days, you are visited by an early morning fog or treated to a light rain. Neither are bothersome. In fact, they can set the scene – one fit for a wedding. The most popular months for a wedding include not only June and August, but also September, when autumn begins, and October. And why not? There are so many charming things about fall, more than just Halloween, Thanksgiving, and orange. **Below you will find a collection of the most creative and romantic fall wedding ideas. More than my words ever could, these details will show you just how enchanting this season can be for the soon-to-bes.**

->Even though the temperature drops, you can still have an outdoor wedding.<-

->Supply your guests with some blankets. Friends with plus ones will appreciate the cuddle opportunity.<-

->Add softness and character to your ceremony with a bountiful arch.<-

->These leaves appear just like a waterfall. The colors will create a warm, holiday spark between you and your guests.<-

->These are enough to make Cinderella green with envy.<-

->Golden pumpkins double as adorable name placements and party favors.<-

->Jewel tones such as ruby, lapis, emerald, and black onyx can give your special day a sophisticated edge.<-

->These are perfect for a late fall wedding.<-

->Don’t underestimate a simple idea like this. Providing traditional childhood treats like s’mores can bring the power of nostalgia to your friends and family.<-

->Red d’Anjou pears dipped in chocolate and nuts are a perfect alternative if candied apples remind you too much of the fair.<-

->An assortment of pies will feel like an early or second Thanksgiving — and who could refuse that?<-

->Naked cakes, such as this one from Blueberry Hill Cakes, are getting increasingly popular. They fit the rustic theme seamlessly.<-

->If that last cake was too rustic for you, this collaboration between Heavenly Delights Cupcakery and floral company, Dream Designs (Eugene), is the bit of mellow you need.<-

->This marbled delight looks like wood but has the shape and volume of a classic wedding cake.<-

->With an ivory body, this cake offers the fall details a nice pop.<-

->In spring, you run the risk of looking overdone with a hair piece. In autumn, you can do anything from a stamped leaf hair clip to a floral crown.<-

->They’re not just for the cold. These cover-ups will keep you looking luxurious.<-

->Velvet bow ties are a whimsical touch for your groom and groomsmen.<-

->Though I personally prefer a traditional wedding dress, autumnal colors provide the right amount of drama for those who would like to take a different route.<-

->You can even go for a gothic look or adopt something similar for your bridesmaids.<-

->Lavender details are subtle, elegant, and feminine.<-

->If you dream of a woodsy setting but cannot set a fall date, you can always book a forest venue like this in summer. It’ll certainly feel like fall in the middle of the grove!<-

->A pathway of leaves makes for a great and resourceful photo opportunity.<-

->There’s just something timeless about the fog. A shot like this is forever.<-

->Have your party shower you with the prettiest leaves.<-

->With the help of a talented photographer, end your wedding night with a moment like this.<-

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