27 Scary Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men.

27 Scary Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Women live longer than men. Why? Well, for one thing, most women don’t participate in anything that will obviously put their life in danger. Men, on the other hand, can make the worst decisions when it comes to their safety and there’s a reason for it. Men’s frontal lobes develop slower than women’s. The frontal lobes are the part of the brain that does all the decision making and risk assessment. Overall, men are just doomed by nature to be walking accidents. They love to threaten their own lives and live life on the edge. Here’s a couple of photos to further prove our point.Sometimes a man has to do whatever it takes during football season.

No way in hell would a woman do such a thing.

So the real question is, did he fall backwards or forward? And why did someone let him do this?

Do you see what’s holding them up there? No way that scaffolding can be held by some concrete bags.

Makes my palms sweaty just looking at it.

Jesus take the wheeeeeeel!

“Hi honey, I’m home!”

No, just no. This guy is definitely a high risk taker.

How could this have possibly been a good idea?

Did he block all the wheels at least?

How did he even get the second ladder up there?

It looks like it was a pretty elaborate plan.

“Cirque du Soleil here I come!”

Life of workers in Dubai has no value, I see.

I feel sick just looking at this.

You have to admit what they achieved was pretty impressive.

It’s not like he was using it for anything anyway.

Look out, fire in the hole! But really, why would you sit on such a thing?

Well that’s ironic.

But at least we know his hair is safe!

I’m surprised he even survived from this.

I love how the dad doesn’t even look like he’s in pain.

But at least blood will be kept off his face when he takes off his fingers.

Why else would he wear one when there’s a helmet hanging on his handle bars.

Any person in their right mind would be too scared to even walk this, let alone ride a bicycle on it!

You do have to admit this is pretty creative.

Should have thought of that before it was too late.

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