27 Year-Old Women Travels To EVERY Country On Earth In An Epic Adventure.

27 Year-Old Women Travels To EVERY Country On Earth In An Epic Adventure. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us only wish we could visit every country on the planet in our lifetimes. But 27-year-old Cassie De Pecol is about to go where no woman has gone before… to each and every country in the world. Lucky, right? She thought so. Now you’d think that with so many different nations, it would take months if not years to accomplish this incredible adventure, but she’s actually a lot closer to completing her goal than anyone could have imagined and when she’s all set and done, she’s hoping that she’ll become an inspiration to others to follow in her path of world tourism.As in the whole world! She’s visited 180 nations so far and is hoping to step foot in the last 16 before the end of the year.

So Cassandra created an Instagram account under the name expedition_196.

Sponsors and accommodations provide her with free stays at local resorts in exchange for positive exposure on social media when she goes to exotic places like Bhutan.

After all, 254 flight tickets aren’t cheap. She’s spent £160,000 so far, and with 16 destinations to go, she’s bound to spend some more.

She spends anywhere from two to five days in each nation, and films her traveling experience for her documentary.

She not only collects water samples from different parts of the world for “Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation”, but she also acts as an ambassador for the “International Institute of Peace”.

But she admits that she initially had a tough time figuring out how to actually make her trekking experience a reality.

She’s been doing it since her late teens. By the time she had completed three and a half years in college, she bought herself a one-way ticket and began to travel to 26 countries spanning four continents.

Her hope is that her journey will inspire others and bring a message of goodwill across the planet.

Since the final 16 nations are so spread out globally, she’ll have to organize a couple of visas and arrange transportation to such interesting locations like Syria, Israel, and Greenland among others.

She hopes to set a record for being one of the youngest people to step foot in all the countries around the world.

She’s planning on setting foot in disputed regions like Occupied Palestinian Territories and Taiwan, which so far only one other traveler by the name of Graham Hughes, has managed to do in under four years, but without flying.

Well she’s not going to Disney World that’s for sure. The triathlete, who is also good in the Israeli self-defense system known as Krav Maga, plans to head up to the mountains of British Columbia in Canada and rent a cabin to reflect on the experiences of her incredible journey.

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