28 Clueless People Who Really Thought They Met Celebrities.

28 Clueless People Who Really Thought They Met Celebrities. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s not every day you get to meet a celebrity. And let’s face it, we all get a little star struck sometimes. How can a person not when they run into someone famous? Unfortunately, some “star struck” people jump to conclusions before actually confirming whether or not the person before their eyes are really who they think they are. In some of these situations, it’s understandable if the imposter really does have a striking resemblance to the celebrity. Other situations, however, are just completely unforgivable. Check out some of the lookalike celebrities below.It’s definitely the appropriate setting to meet Mr. Lucas, but sorry this is not the man you think he is.

Take a photo with him and post it up on your restaurant for everyone else to see (of course).

And then you walk into a barbershop and find out he’s been in hiding as a barber this entire time.

This is not one of the rare times that someone has. Sorry dude, that is not Maggie Gyllenhaal.

This isn’t Danny DeVito but he might be a distant cousin of some sort.

Good thing this guy only admired from afar and didn’t ask for an actual photo.

Dave Chappelle AND Michael Douglas? This is too good to be true (and it is).

But you have to admit, this man does have a striking similarity. At first glance, others would probably mistaken him for Buress as well.

However, we think we can confidently say it’s very unlikely that James Corden would be on the bus.

We don’t blame her. Directors don’t get much screen time, so they can be hard to point out in a crowd.

Because yeah Larry David accidentally ended up at Bonnaroo somehow. Pretty similar, but not quite.

But why would he be here and not on the set of “Silicon Valley”?

It’s so great to see Abraham is doing so well. He definitely needs to do some beard trimming though.

Well that must have been momentarily exciting for him. We wonder how heartbroken he was when he found out the guy in the photo wasn’t Mr. Legend.

But the Woody Harrelson lookalike must have thought he met Guy Fieri!

Hopefully, whoever took this photo got their $100 bill autographed by him.

We almost didn’t recognize him without his flame-graphic shirt.

How dare the people surrounding her not tell her otherwise.

Why else would be be asking him for some health tips and conversing with him about the upcoming Avengers?

He’s in a purple robe with a pipe in his mouth? That’s GOTTA be him then, no doubt.

Well apparently this dude knows nothing, because THAT is NOT Jon Snow.

Did we say lucky? We meant to say foolish because they got played by this lookalike!

However, this man is definitely not Jake. Nice try though. Maybe pull up a photo of him on google next time before jumping to conclusions.

No, but this just might be Blake’s long lost twin brother.

Like these three for successfully asking for and taking a photo with a man who is not Rod Stewart.

Because it’s a pretty great feeling that you’ll probably never experience again.

Because apparently he’s found a new passion in working for amusement parks.

You gotta admit, this is probably how Abraham looked in his earlier years.

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