28 Winter Photos That Prove Narnia Is Real.

28 Winter Photos That Prove Narnia Is Real. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Winter is magical. It is where fairy tales and wonderment of the imagination come alive. One can still catch adults lean their heads back and let new, frosty snowflakes fall on their faces, and spontaneous response from childhood. A walk through freshly fallen snow, can not only a workout but also a relaxation within itself. Photographers from around the world have captured that winter wonder through their lens. The images range showcasing the contrast of the bright sun with the sparkling snow to cold waterfalls. It is difficult to choose what is more breathtaking, the winter nights with the fluffy mountains with stars as backdrops or the rows of trees covered in white. Perhaps looking at this photo will make you think twice before booking a flight to a beach destination. Instead put on your parka, mittens and tuque and enjoy the best of winter. Or simply put on a hot pot of coffee and look at the window to your own frosty landscape.

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