29 Geniuses Who Are Going Places, Not Far, Just Places.

29 Geniuses Who Are Going Places, Not Far, Just Places. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Just like the old saying goes: Not all heroes wear capes. And for that matter, not all geniuses bury their nose in books, solve equations, or master quantum physics. In fact, some of the most brilliant people in the world are living right among us, totally unnoticed. Until now, that is. The following list is a celebration of the kind of smarts that aren’t celebrated by the Ivy Leagues, but instead manifest themselves as the most important ideas and practical solutions of our generation. These people have figured out how to live their best lives, and then did the human race a kindness by sharing their brilliance on the internet. If you’re a naysayer, it’s time to sit back, relax, and behold the most agile minds of our generation. You’ll be in awe of their enterprising imaginations — and mostly, you’ll wish you had thought of it first. Every last one of these people should be in a museum someday.This is for the type of person who could sleep through someone attempting to drill through their floor, or those who never feel like they hit the snooze button enough times. To put it succinctly, this takes the phrase “it hurts to wake up” to a whole new level.

By the looks of his poise, confidence, and sense of humor, we’re pretty sure that girls happen to like talking to him, too.

Let’s face it, he did what the teacher asked and should definitely get bonus points for this inspired drawing. Especially because Drawing Bobby looks so, so sad.

Something tells us that this kid might be misunderstood by his high school peers, but will go on to be the richest and most awesome person that you know.

Whoever they are, her parents should be unbelievably proud of her. This is one chick who knows how to make a good joke.

Look, years ago they used whiskey for medicinal purposes. Alcohol has its place in modern medicine, even if that alcohol happens to be Jagermeister.

Honestly, this works the same way and will save you the $20 it takes to purchase a toaster. In other words, you can’t afford NOT to try this.

Who says that tanning and indulging in your favorite foods has to be mutually exclusive? Just do us a favor and don’t use the pizza grease as tanning oil.

Honestly, if you don’t get him one now he’s definitely going to get one for himself in the future. This is the series of a generation, no doubt.

Maybe this is one of those things you have to try for yourself to understand? Or for use when your peanut butter get inexplicably hard?

Which is why we appreciate this person’s ingenuity. If you can’t afford to buy the things you want, just go ahead and make them yourself.

We’re not sure how this man found himself in this position, but we admire him immensely. Here’s hoping he got a pretty penny for it.

This is the perfect representation of capitalism in America, and we tip our hats to you good sir.

Let’s be real, ladies: He’s looking for someone to help take care of his Tamagotchis so he can go out to the bars. If that’s your jam, Nathan is the man for you.

Until you realize that the following image is the result of a very serious mistake. We’re betting that grandma was involved.

Sunshine, green grass, and heavy water artillery. Honestly, what more could a person need this summer?

There’s little we wouldn’t do for a chance of a bit of world domination, even if it does mean we align yourself with an evil genius intent on destroying everything. But hey: Free laser death rays.

We’re hoping the English teacher saw the brilliance of this, but something tells us she probably just got angry.

Honestly young man, you should probably just quit school now. An education costs a lot of money, but stunting for life is totally free.

Let’s face it, this kid is making the joke we ALL want to make at the art museum, but we’re too busy pretending we know the difference between surrealism and impressionism to do so. We salute you, young whippersnapper.

Screw a needle and thread: When it comes to mending your socks, we’re all about taking the path of least resistance. Especially when it’s so fun to execute.

Look, it was free and now it’s theirs. They can do with it what they like — and if it includes a healthy profit, so be it. A $5 TV is still a deal, damn it.

People love showing off and proving themselves, and this man has found a way to capitalize off of them all. So much respect.

This is what happens when you drag your friend to the Linkin Park revival tour, but deep inside he’s really a Limp Bizkit fan.

How dare you judge him? Frankly, this seems like as good a spot as any. In fact, this little guy might even be making a statement on the ridiculousness of hide-and-seek in general.

You know how sometimes your friends drag you to restaurants you don’t like, so you end up buying a drink and no food and hating your life? Well, this is what we suggest you do from now on.

And this is how to obtain it if you know the truth. We should all be so enterprising, don’t you think?

We’d like to introduce you to your One True Lord And Savior, Table Phone Face Kid. Worship him at his church, and you will never drop your phone on your nose in bed again.

We respect this on so many levels. For starters, he got the right answer. Plus, he added in a little advocacy at the end. This kid is definitely going places — and we hope he got at least 100000 bonus points.

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