30 Beautiful Couples Who Have Stood The Test Of Time.

30 Beautiful Couples Who Have Stood The Test Of Time. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Love is one of the most magical things any human could ever experience. Love can inspire. Love can change people. Love can make you feel as if you’re floating. Some people spend their entire lives looking for the right kind of love. And some people spend their entire lives loving the person they’re meant to be with. That kind of love is absolutely incredible. Keep reading and check out these relationships that have stood strong throughout the passing years and the obstacles they’ve faced. The kind of love these people share is something we should all hope for!I bet their mothers had no idea that they’d ever be walking down the aisle a second time.

And they’re obviously never letting go.

It’s inspriring to see that after 70 years, they still want to kiss one another.

Maybe finding love at a carnival isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

She must have great self-control when it comes to sweets.

I’m pretty sure their love hasn’t changed, either.

And 60 years of marriage is proof of that.

Nothing says commitment quite like that.

Her facial expression is priceless.

The lion hat must have been what sealed the deal for him.

It looks like that jean jacket has been with him the whole time, too.

And at least she didn’t wear a windbreaker to the wedding!

Just like their love. Isn’t that beautiful?

They lost a few people in the picture, but the love still shows.

Or maybe he was just grateful to have her for the rest of his life!

It only took 64 years!

Imagine all the beautiful music these two were able to share together.

That’s what love done right looks like.

After 60 years you’d think she’s let him use the big knife by himself, though.

Most people find it hard to commit a Friday night to someone.

And apparently have gotten even more colorful over the years.

That’s certainly something to look forward to.

It was right here that she figured out where the wedding pictures would be taken.

Well, they’re taste in cool clothes got better over the years, too.

Obviously that wasn’t the case.

Her smile, his kiss and their love.

They called it the “Summer of Love” for a reason, you know?

Just make sure you continue to invest in them!

This soldier rescued his future wife during the Holocaust and they ended up spending 70 years together.

70 years and nothing has changed.

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