30 Common Things All Women Do That Confuse Men.

30 Common Things All Women Do That Confuse Men. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Women are as complicated as government rules, but there is a logic reason behind each rule and sometimes women have no reasoning for doing something. Even when they do, there is a big possibility that you will never understand since their logic is probably irrational for men.The only creature who can understand a woman is another woman, but the most hateful creature for a woman is also another woman.

When a woman tells you she is on diet that doesn’t mean she’s not eating.

When you tell a positive truth, they will debate it. When you tell a negative truth, they will explode.

There is a high, possibility that you did it before.


When you think, ‘what’s the point of taking picture if you cover your face’, while they think ‘come and see me’.

Give up, man. How romantic you are, Korean drama actor is always more romantic for them.

Oh, no. It is just ‘women’.

Be ready to get them try so hard to ignore you tomorrow.

This is the cause of misunderstanding between women and men

Museums require entrance fee if you want to see their collections. Since women don’t ask you for payment, no wonder it’s forbidden for you to enjoy.

For women, it depends on the situation.

Don’t be too upset when they reject you. It is just a strategy.

Have a relationship that you will never understand.

Being with women requires a strong memory.

They look neat and pretty. But don’t expect a clean room.

Women put everything on a bag, take it off and move it to another bag, take it off again, forever.

It takes a decade for women to choose a hair style, and a century to realize that hair style

Now you understand why department store put a high price.

Unless you want to wait two hours for them to get ready.

You: sleep Women: talk about serious things.

Why do they take a long time to pick tampons? They are all the same but they stand there thinking something new could be out there.

“Aaaa! So cute!”

…… okay.

You can’t get one word in and they haven’t finish talking.

What’s in the women’s bathroom?

And you will be left as loser in front of them

No wonder they ask ‘what do you think’ too much.

But will reject all we want to eat.

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