30 Edible Works Of Art That Belong In Your Stomach’s Gallery.

30 Edible Works Of Art That Belong In Your Stomach’s Gallery. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Food is typically judged by its taste. The dish doesn’t matter if it isn’t delicious, right? Well, presentation has always been an important factor as well. In fact, some people take pride in how well they’ve crafted their food. And we’re not talking about restaurant quality looks, we’re talking about legit works of art! Who says the culinary world can’t collaborate with the art world? Take a look at some edible masterpieces below. We’ve got all sorts of artsy dishes from Victorian-styled cookies to sushi crafted koi fish to galaxy donuts!Avocados are regularly used as an ingredient not only because it’s delicious and healthy but also because it can be very aesthetically pleasing, if presented in the right way! This is a prime example.

Have you ever seen a plate of sushi so aesthetically pleasing? The perfectly placed squares look like a work of art!

An example of a creative sushi trend that’s been going around. They transform ordinary pieces of sushi into these beautiful swimming koi fishes!

Crackers that look like they’ve come from outer space! In case you were wondering, it’s cashew cream cheese and black sesame gone wild together.

Beautifully patterned cakes that deserve the appreciation of everyone. You definitely need patience and a steady hand to create these kinds of designs.

A city made completely out of jell-o. Does anyone else think these houses resemble the Painted Ladies in San Francisco?

And this is what we call carb-art. Look at all the detailing that went into the warriors’ armor! Now imagine all these warriors plastered in red sauce, cheese and pepperonis, yummmm.

Legendary masterpieces throughout the years individually placed into single lollipops! How did they do it?

What if Klimt didn’t have canvas but had a banana instead? This just goes to show the more out of the box you think, the better the outcome!

Possibly the cutest pancakes ever. How are you supposed to eat something that’s so adorable?

A little girl made out of fruits holding different colored balloons in a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is typically a bland meal but not this one.

Fooddeco’s take on “table break,” which is essentially black bean and cabbage crispy pizza crust garnished with onions, cilantro and avocado roses.

Intricately shaped donuts. Just look at all that detail for each animal! Imagine beheading one of these creatures with just one bite!

Decorative cookies that look like they’re from a different era. Seriously, how can a person dare to bite into such intricate masterpieces?!

A slice of toast covered with peanut butter art, served with a cup of granola, buckwheats, yogurt and bee pollen. Those paw marks on the yogurt is the cherry on top!

Isn’t bento food the cutest? What’s cuter than a meal consisting of food shaped to look like adorable animals?

Not exactly sure how these taste, but they definitely look interesting. We’re assuming these noodles are supposed to be eaten cold?

Creative cupcakes made to look like different Pokemon. They’re made to look like they’re coming out of the cupcake holders!

Edible ingredients put together to create everyday objects, like this boombox (a little outdated but still cool nonetheless).

These are glazed donuts taken to a whole nother level! Don’t eat these unless you want to be blown out of this world.

A literal flower pot! Don’t worry, that black stuff isn’t actual soil. It’s sushi rice covered with nori and black sesame crumble (soil) underneath a beautiful sashimi rose.

Don’t worry, there aren’t any real donuts underneath all that rice. The entire “donut” is made out of the sushi rice! The trick was putting the rice into a donut mold and then placing everything else on top.

Gorgeous popsicles made from leftover blue ice cream and pineapple shake (frozen pineapple blended with water) and filled with dragonfruit, piel de sapo (melon) and passionfruit chunks.

A big bowl of bluemajik stained coconut yogurt that’s topped with lillipillis, melon balls, stained kiwi flowers, muesli and a rainbow popsicle!

A project from a series of various icons crafted by corn flakes and only corn flakes. Artists just keep becoming more creative.

Have you ever seen toast that looked so pretty? Here, we have peanut butter, sliced bananas, chocolate hazelnut butter, freeze dried raspberries, crushed pistachio, edible glitter and sprinkles on sourdough bread!

It’s hard to believe that this masterpiece is actually a banana. Now this is what it looks like when someone collaborates culinary art with fine art.

One of the most beautiful breakfast platters out there with scrambled eggs, baby corn, tomatoes, toast and swirls of avocado.

Yes, that’s a real flower and yes it’s actually edible! As for the taste… that’s something you’re going to have to find out for yourself.

Looks like a solid glass sculpture, doesn’t it? But it’s edible! Maybe it’s jello-like? Doesn’t it make you want to touch it?

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