30 Incidents of Animals Behaving Badly That Will Make You Laugh

30 Incidents of Animals Behaving Badly That Will Make You Laugh March 31, 2023Leave a comment

This sweet (and naughty) pooch laid down the law when it comes to leaving him out of the pizza party.

At least he seems to be owning up to his behavior, but how could you discipline that sweet face?

The cat sibling blame game is in full force in this photo.

“It wasn’t me, ma!” Sorry, the evidence proves otherwise my precious little felines.

This dog decided to start wine-o-clock early.

Sadly, it seems this pup is one messy drunk. What’s even worse is getting that wine stain out of the floor is probably going to be a herculean effort.

You will pay attention to me or else.

It seems this cat has other plans for the evening and game night is NOT one of them!

The look on this dog’s face says it all.

He knows he’s done screwed up. This will probably be the first and last time he uses toilet paper for a chew toy.

This cat decided to take a dip into the nip.

Yes, he has a substance abuse problem. We’re recommending an intervention ASAP!

If you’ve never tried to clip a dog’s nails you have no idea what misery it is.

They hate it, the owner hates it. Now, it seems this dog had the perfect solution…simply destroy the clippers period.

This donkey has had enough of being whipped with a stick.

We can’t really say the donkey is misbehaving because who really wants to get whipped in the butt every five minutes?

Guilt. This is the textbook definition.

We’re pretty sure this one resulted in some serious punishment. Though how could be angry at that face. It’s like melt your heart cuteness.

Dad, listen.

Someone came in here from the street and dumped the trash out and ran away. I’m seriously just standing here investigating the situation!

We’re all ready for our close-ups now.

Though, we’re not sure how we are going to get out of this fence when we’re done. Does anyone have some butter?

This pooch takes lounging to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t look too sanitary. We hope there wasn’t anything in the bowl before he jumped in!

Someone is NOT a fan of Star Wars or Yoda’s non-sensical sayings.

It’s almost as bad as fan reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

This cat almost seems to be challenging their owner to dish out some kind of punishment. Honestly, when it comes to cats we believe in live and let live.

Who cares about a little sugar on the floor. Get down there and make some sugar angels!

This bird gives absolutely zero you-know-whats.

Oh, you wanted to drink this coffee. Let me add a little some extra in there for ya!

Oh, were you eating this.

I just wanted to make sure it was up to par before you tasted it. Feel free to dig in whenever you want!

The aftermath of this situation must have been an absolute disaster.

A joy for the pooch, a nightmare for whoever had to clean it up. Sometimes you just want an indoor sprinkler day!

This cat wanted to add a little decorative flair to the turnovers.

Honestly, we like the cat paw in the middle. It gives it an almost gourmet look, right?

This pup is NOT giving away his mommy that easily.

We have to wonder what the groom did to tick this little ankle biter off. This is going to be an interesting family dynamic moving forward.

This squirrel really doesn’t care that it’s interrupting this couple’s photo.

Curiosity certainly wins over in this instance.

This ferret is all about its new hiding spot.

Who cares if it is the owner’s pricey guitar. We’re thinking this might need a tune-up after this game of hide and seek.

You can’t blame the cow, it’s freezing outside.

We’re sure that hood makes for an amazing heating pad, but is there really cow warming coverage with most insurance companies?

It seems we had a bedtime switcharoo with these two.

The cat took the dog’s bed, so he returns the favor. Cats really have a superiority complex, don’t they?

Look, I know you wanted some alone time, but that just doesn’t work for me.

I much rather snuggle up in this dog-sized hammock between your legs!

This bird doesn’t play when it comes to bird seed.

There is no sharing whatsoever, he will drop kick you and have no regrets doing it!

Oh, you’re paying this wedding photographer by the hour.

Let me make sure some of these photos aren’t usable.

The sheer terror this woman is experience is almost comical.

This tiny but mighty goat is not in the mood. Honestly, we’d be running for the door.

Clearly, this cat is ready for work to be over.

Not one more email will be sent from this computer today. Got it?

We’re guessing the owner has NOT taken any of the advice from this book nor will they ever be able to at this point.

It seems this dog isn’t going to be going along with any type of training!

Last time we checked, this was NOT a part of the boat tour?

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