30 Of The Coziest Places On Planet Earth.

30 Of The Coziest Places On Planet Earth. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When you think of the word cozy, you imagine all of the necessary elements for comfortable accommodations you and your family expect. Now everyone wants to live in a sweet cozy home, or at least, stay in one for a few days. But remember that bundling up in a luxurious cover with a cup of tea and enjoying a good book is just one way to be cozy. You might prefer something small, or something big, or something more outdoorsy and cavernous. For some people, cozy can mean a lot of different things, so here are some examples of what cozy can look like for you.It really is an amazing place to spend the afternoon. It’s like camping, but with all the comforts of a living room. Plus, you get to enjoy some fresh air, watch the rain, and listen to the crickets.

You can stargaze at night, which is so cool, and be welcomed by the sun first thing in the morning. But if you’re not a morning person, you can always buy some blinds or pull down curtains.

We imagine we could get plenty of work done in a place like this. Then again, we’d probably get so distracted by the beauty surrounding us. But it sure beats having to work inside a stuffy office in cubicles with a bunch of other people.

Don’t worry about night crawlers and bats making it hard to sleep in a cavern like this one. There are doors and windows to keep those out.

Admittedly, one of the most beautiful cities in the Sunshine State. You not only get the beautiful city skyline, but the beautiful sky reflected in the clear water. Sounds like paradise to us.

Not only can you sleep, but you can check out the fantastic view of the city from high above. But hopefully you’re not afraid of heights.

It’s amazing how a few square feet around the bay window can turn into such an awesome reading nook, or a place to sleep, that is, if you don’t mind having your bed facing the sun on three sides.

It’s like a dream come true. Now this is what we’d love to come home to after a rough day at work. There’s plenty of fresh air in this outdoorsy New Zealand home. But you’re also treated to the smell of the burning fire in the outdoor fireplace, which is sublime! Now the only thing missing here is a masseuse or a facial.

It’s nice and cozy, and it was easily converted from a hallway. The owner of the home only did this as a temporary measure until they could finish their revision, but you have to admit, it’s simplistic but perfect.

There’s nothing more beautiful than looking out the window and seeing everything covered in snow, and it sure beats the heat and humidity of other places like the Deep South or the Sunshine State.

The windows really give it the illusion that you’re at home, and so do the wool blankets. Plus, when you’re out traveling, pretty much any stop turns into a beautiful real-life canvas.

This open home with corrugated metal exterior is from Chau Doc, Vietnam. It’s like an outdoor/indoor picnic table, and the plants really bring in the natural element to the whole motif of this home.

This photo was taken at the Kau Lodge and the breathtaking view is from Puerto Natales in Chile, but it’s so perfect that it looks more like three paintings than windows. It’s a good thing we have pictures like this one to remind us that beauty like this really does exist.

It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of beds. It’s got a massage chair, a laptop table, embedded bookshelves, speakers to blast your music, and a mattress that’s super comfy. What more could anyone ask for?

Put your feet up, and enjoy your cup of coffee and some toast as your eyes focus on the horizon of the beautiful ocean in the distance, and let your mind daydream all morning if you’d like.

Think of it as a home away from home. It’s like a cross between a Sultan’s tent, a Teepee, and the inside of the bottle from “I Dream Of Jeannie.” It’s got all the comforts of your own bedroom, but you get fresh air and a view that’s to die for.

Safe within the walls of your bedroom, you can watch as the morning turns into day and day turns into night from the number of windows giving you a spectacular view of the city. You can even have breakfast in bed, because who wants to get up and stay up when you can live like this?

It looks like a screenshot from Skyrim, but it’s actually a comfy little cabin tucked away and cozy. Plus, the trapped under several feet of snow vibe is so cool… literally!

You can lay here or sit cross-legged, but you might need a strong back to deal with the hardwood floor. But when you don’t have a backyard, because you live in the inner city, this sure beats hanging out in the fire escape.

It’s perfect for both a sunny, beautiful day, or extra beautiful when it’s nice and stormy, just watch out for lightning, and never have we been so envious of a dog’s life.

Rooms with an A-frame are the best, especially if you design some built-in seating. So if you’re looking for the absolute epitome of cozy in your mind, then this small A-frame area is the place to be. You just need some warm blankets and a good book.

This was actually taken at a BnB in Matera, Italy, despite the fact that the ceiling looks like a tortilla. It’s extremely Mediterranean and amazing.

You’ll feel like the Man of Steel living in the Arctic, but you’re not. On the other hand, when you’re chilling in this chilly area in Chile, you can forget about all the problems of the world, at least for a while.

Well, some people get to stay in a little treehouse like this one for the summer, which may not seem like much, but it’s actually super cozy, especially when you need a break from your mundane life.

Despite the fact that the house is made of wood, that fireplace looks totally cozy. Wouldn’t you just love to sit there with a blanket and some hot cocoa with you and your significant other?

So how about this café laneway in Mykonos? You have to admit, there’s something about this place that’s both ancient and beautiful, but it won’t leave you in ruins.

You can snuggle up to read a book, watch as the sun rises or sets, or you watch as a bunch of hot air balloons ascend to the sky. It’s simply fantastic. Just being there would completely destroy the Monday blues.

Movie, bed, dog, and comfort are really the only things you need. Of course, the design of the room, and that wooden table with the candle doesn’t hurt either.

Now what better way to do that than in this cozy, round-roofed motor home with a mid-century modern vibe. The only thing missing here are some really fluffy blankets and we’d definitely be in business.

In fact, there’s a view to the side, and a view from the glass ceiling that let’s you see what Mother Nature has to offer. It’s so panoramic as you lay on a king size bed. It’s the ultimate way to wake up in the morning, especially if you wake up with your plus one next to you.

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