30 Photos From The 90s That Kids Today Will Never Understand.

30 Photos From The 90s That Kids Today Will Never Understand. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Technology is making life so much easier than it was years ago. For example, daily tasks and household chores are simpler, ordering products takes just seconds online, renting movies is as easy as clicking your television remote, and sending and receiving letters takes a few minutes thanks to email. People who were born after the year 2000 will never understand the struggles kids went through while growing up in the 90’s. Looking back at how we used to live is amusing. Kids these days don’t understand how good they have it. So take a stroll down memory lane with us with all the nostalgic moments we’ve listed below.All that time and effort spent in attempts of finding the perfect angle (possibly more time and effort for phone selfies).

Now our cellphones loses its battery percentage within five minutes!

And you had to wait for hours for these devices to warm up.

Doing this would eventually lead to a whole lotta fun.

And you’d have endless arguments with him.

You knew it was going to be a great night when Dad broke this out.

Slow internet that prevented your home from making and receiving phone calls.

Thank goodness for Yelp and the Internet!

The biggest kudos always went to the people who had the biggest CD collection.

And then having to manually wind it back yourself?

And you would eventually have to delete one of the files to make room to save new homework.

And you had to actually use one of these maps to find your way around.

And then you had to take time out of your day to untangle the angry knot.

We had bulging pockets all the time.

Solely to make your Myspace page look cooler than everyone else’s.

Because our dang phones didn’t have enough storage memory to keep all of our messages.

Cereal boxes nowadays are so boring.

And you see yourself in someone’s top when you’ve only talked to them twice in your whole life.

It required a little bit of strategic planning.

And then that crushing disappointment of finding out you had to start all over when you got a new phone.

Only to find out that the photos were dark and blurry anyways.

With today’s technology, sending messages to each other is so much easier.

Only to find that the mp3 they downloaded was a radio recording where the DJ spoke over it.

And having to go through this tedious process just to get to the game.

But you put it in anyways and hope that it doesn’t skip your favorite song.

And you had to go through the awkwardness of making small talk with their dad or mom before they passed the call over.

There’s actually more than one link, if you think about it.

It’s great living in a generation where we don’t have to continually stuff pockets all the time.

Only to play it back and see this scrambled nonsense on the screen.

And it was a race to cover your screen with this pop-up before it started working again.

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