30 Photos Of Largest And Oldest Dog Breeds – Irish Wolfhounds.

30 Photos Of Largest And Oldest Dog Breeds – Irish Wolfhounds. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

We know what you’re probably thinking. An Irish Wolfhound? What’s that? Some sort of cross between a wolf and a dog? No. They aren’t wolves at all, but people originally used these pooches to go wolf hunting. Eventually, folks realized that they’re way cuter and more adorable as pets. But they’re pretty big too. So, coming into contact with an Irish Wolfhound might startle you, but they’re actually very friendly. And to prove that, people are posting some adorable photos to show just how big they really are.At 101 kilos, (roughly, around 223 pounds) he’s a mountain of pure love, drool, and wet slobbery kisses. Some people might say he’s too big for her, but we think his human momma just needs a bigger lap.

That little dog looks like Toto from “The Wizard of Oz” and it seems awfully tiny while standing on the sandy shores of this beach. Then again, who wouldn’t feel short standing next to this beast?

This family wanted everyone to wear the same plaid pajama pants for their Christmas morning photo. And look! Even the dog was able to fit into a pair of his own.

You can clearly see that this dog’s size is pretty impressive. It’s almost as tall as that tiny blue car parked behind it. So, it’s a good thing these pooches are lovable.

Just look at this pooch who takes up most of the bed. There’s not a whole lot of room for another animal. Fortunately, this one doesn’t mind letting that tiny dog lay on top of his belly.

Most people would think that this image was Photoshopped to make the animal look ginormous. But it’s not. We feel bad for grandma who’s probably lost all feeling in her legs.

But when you’re tired, you have to lay your weary head to rest somewhere, so this one decided to get on the dining table and lay his head on his owner’s plate.

But who are we kidding? They’re both pretty cute. You have to love the way the Irish Wolfhound made himself comfortable in that chair and didn’t mind cuddling with the shorter pooch.

One Irish Wolfhound may not be intimidating to you, but a fleet of them along with their shorter allies can make the hair on your arms stand up. So, don’t you dare tell these pooches that you’re out of treats.

Nap time is always so much better when you’ve got an Irish Wolfhound to spoon with. This snap is really adorable, but it’s also kind of terrifying that the pooch is the same size as the kid.

It’s easy to get lost in a photo when you’ve got an adoptive brother who’s also a massive Irish Wolfhound. So sometimes you have to stick your neck out and photobomb him.

The little girl and her dog are like two peas in a pod. Inseparable. It’s almost like they’re the only two creatures on the planet. What a great photo to symbolize friendship!

Mariette is 110 years old and doesn’t have to struggle to lean down to pick up her dog because Gilligan is a giant and is able to reach her easily to give her a birthday kiss.

This is what happens when your dog outgrows your lap. The man is trying to hold the dog up with one arm, which is undoubtedly pretty uncomfortable, but also so darn adorable.

This 3-pound kitty likes to take a nap while laying between her two 180-pound Irish Wolfhound brothers. Can you think of a safer place than in the company of these two creatures?

So, they hired this Irish Wolfhound to act as their bodyguard. Now, other dogs will think twice before messing with them unless they want to unleash the wrath of their Wolfhound.

There’s just one problem. The Irish Wolfhounds in her kitchen all want to lick the batter. But they’re so big they probably won’t leave anything in the bowl for her to make the treats with.

They don’t always realize that they’re crossing a line, but given how lovable they are, it’s tough to hold a grudge. So sometimes you have to just laugh and hope there’s someone around to snap a photo.

He looks radiant in this snap. His size might be intimidating, but his distant gaze and broody look will win you over. Now, is there enough space in that blanket for two?

It’s hard to tell who’s walking who in this photo. But hopefully, a squirrel doesn’t pop out of the bushes or that poor man is going to go flying when they start chasing it.

If the Irish Wolfhound has an issue with being used as a horse or a couch, he certainly isn’t showing it, which just proves that they are wonderful beasts with lovely personalities.

Amber stands at 5 foot tall, while Moose is almost twice her size and could knock her down easily if he decides he wants some extra cuddles that day.

Watch how the kitchen fluff seal patiently waits in his natural habitat. He’s hoping he’ll get a snack when his owner accidentally drops food on the floor even though his doggy bowl is full of doggy full, mind you!

You’ve got a bit gray doggo, a white one in the back, and a tiny French bulldog staring at the camera. It’s almost as if they got caught red-handed by their human parents and they’re trying to pretend chaos was about to ensue.

Maybe both of them do? In any case, once you’re done staring at this pic, make sure to pick up your jaw off the floor. Don’t you forget it!

She’s probably used to dealing with her doggo’s sloppiness. We’re just hoping he didn’t break her neck trying to snuggle with her. He looks painfully heavy!

He might’ve crushed his owner’s lungs in the process, but hey! At least he got to see that pesky neighborhood squirrel who thinks she can just come and go as she pleases.

We’re pretty sure Gigantor over here is sweet as pie. But is he starting to drool and considering the little one as a snack? Hmmm. We hope not!

It’s hard to believe that some of these creatures could even be real! But they are! These fluffy mountains of hair are impressive in size but they want what any other dog wants: a loving home and lots of cuddles!

No, this pup is not possessed, he just wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He can’t let go of the couch, but he’s also counting the minutes till his owner’s done taking the picture so he’ll snuggle with him on the couch.

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