30 Photos That Prove Women Are Not Insane Like Men.

30 Photos That Prove Women Are Not Insane Like Men. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

We know it’s bad to generalize, but after seeing these photos, you’ll totally understand why women simply live longer than men do. For the most part, guys are careless, and they never follow any safety rules because they think that rules are for the weak and inexperienced. But that ego has been the undoing of men for thousands of years. They never ask for directions and they rarely think about the consequences their actions will bring to themselves. It must be a man thing, but it’s so true. And these photos will totally prove why women always seem to outlive men.He might not lose his life, but he’s certainly not going to be able to start a family after this.

He seems to be wearing rubber boots, which is smart. But why stick both feet in a puddle of water when you’re doing electrical work. Hopefully, he’s insured so that his family is taken care of.

There are a couple of things that could go wrong with this scenario. The person handling those jaws of life might hit a lever and cause this guy to go flying in the air. Or, it might simply open up and cause him to make quite an impression on the ground.

Maybe he’s trying to wash the windows, fix the bars, or he’s simply trying to do something daring and insane.

Most people would know better than to aim pressure washers anywhere near their feet because they might lose a toe, but this guy really wanted to fly, and he did for about two seconds before he lost control and hit the ground.

For one thing, why would you stand on two planks that are being held by a flimsy little chair? Also, why would you look away while your wife was trying to pull the planks underneath your feet?

Admit it! A part of you wants to applaud this guy for risking his life by standing on a ladder that’s dangling dangerously on a ledge.

At first glance, it seems like the driver is holding this “Safety First” sign, but it’s actually the passenger, and we have to give him some brownie points for managing to keep himself balanced while holding that big sign.

Ladies, you can’t say he never does anything around the house because he’s out there cleaning the windows and he’s not even wearing a harness.

This guy doesn’t seem too concerned, but he won’t have a whole lot of time to worry about anything if something heavy falls on his head and cracks his noggin like an egg.

He has a perfectly good shovel next to him and yet he seems determined to use one of his legs instead. It’s almost like the guy wants to lose a limb. But if he’s doing this to collect insurance money, this photo won’t help.

However, this guy picked the most dangerous spot to lay down on. At the very least, he could have chosen two air conditioning units that were a little closer to the ground.

Trying to throw a couch out the window is already a bad idea. Having a guy standing on the roof of a car in order to help bring the couch down is insane.

Climbing up some thin steps on a ladder with a heavy piece of equipment is not smart. Trying to keep himself balanced while installing the unit was probably the worst idea that this guy could have had.

It seems like he doesn’t have a problem with it. He’s so nonchalant about the whole thing. Oh well, if he’s not worried, then why should we?

To get to the top of the roof, this guy placed a bunch of planks between two vehicles to get to the roof.

This guy was about to use a lit-up torch, but all of a sudden, he realized that he needed to adjust his safety hat.

It looks like he’s not going to miss his target, but when he bounces off the mattresses, he’ll be in for a world of pain.

This guy took playing jump rope to a whole new level by using hot molten glass in lieu of a rope. Now gee! What could go wrong with that? Um, maybe he’ll sear his legs right off if he doesn’t jump high enough. Duh!

Best case scenario, the mattress doesn’t fall on them, but it might end up destroying some of the surrounding furniture, like that lamp in the corner.

Oh, but if those things holding that truck snap, this guy’s going to have a lot more to worry about than overgrown bushes.

If you have to drive the appliance to your house, at least tie it to the roof of your car with like a million ropes and drive very slowly.

Window washing without a harness is terrifying. Doing it in your bare feet, which could cause you to slip, is nerve-wracking.

If you’re not going to hire a professional tree cutter, then at the very least, use some common sense. For one thing, wear a safety helmet. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t put the ladder in the path of where the tree is going to fall when you finish cutting it.

The dude holding the ladder is getting quite a workout too, and you have to love the third guy watching them and thinking, “Glad that’s not me.”

Just look at how the second ladder is leaning. This is an accident waiting to happen, and you kind of feel sorry for the guy.

These guys decided to pile a bunch of classroom desks on top of each other. Then they climbed all the way to the top and started painting while the guy below tried to keep this tower of desks from collapsing.

You’re looking at a man on the edge… of that catwalk. He’s looking to impress his buddies down below by jumping right into his pants.

This guy climbed onto the top of a semi-opened door and hoped that he wouldn’t fall until he finished his task. He probably prayed to a higher power that he wouldn’t slip and break his neck. But honestly, is there a better way to paint those edges?

Some people will do anything to earn a little extra money, even if it means putting their back on the line… literally.

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