30 Unbelievable Pictures From Black Friday.

30 Unbelievable Pictures From Black Friday. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Black Friday is known for the madness and craziness it brings. We get it that the sales are unbelievable and with the increasing inflation, these sales bring in a lot of people, but the desperation and the lack of decency is almost depressing. Take a look at these crazy pictures from actual Black Fridays.There are some people actually crying in this crowd. Maybe because they regret coming, or are just too excited.

You can’t help but feel bad for the employees.

When you’re too tired after waiting in lines and running.

People actually spend the night in cold so they could enter the shop first.

The size of the waiting line is unbelievable.

He actually seems quite excited to shop. Don’t we all love crazy adventures.

And after you are done, you have to wait in the registration line too.

They’re probably going to buy a lot of pair of jeans than that was required.

After hours of fighting, waiting and running, passing out is inevitable.

It’s always good news to know that no one was crushed at the entry door.

Apart from ambulance, cops are also needed on black Friday.

It is always a good time to camp outside.

Keep 911 at speed dial, anything can happen on Black Friday.

Not sure if the building was made to handle so many people at one time.

Things can get heated at Black Friday too.

Even though people know that it going to be mess, they’re still pretty excited.

The signs can fall on people, but who cares.

Black Friday shows you the real courage of people.

The best thing about black Friday; you can get cheap Christmas gifts!

People can get good exercise after all that eating at thanksgiving.

People act like their favorite electronics are being given away for free.

Black Friday is like a real life race to get to your favorite things first.

The amount of LED televisions these people need is astonishing.

Don’t blame the guy; people keep pushing from the back to get in.

These scenes may look absurd, but anything is possible when it is black Friday.

You can’t help but be impressed that these people managed to get trolleys.

If you are a wrestling fan, then don’t miss the Black Friday!

Just think for a minute; isn’t the irony beautiful?

You have to go to all extremes to save yourself.

When someone likes your favorite bag too!

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